It is a fact that travel and hospitality are flag bearers of the world economy.

It is a fact that travel and hospitality are flag bearers of the world economy. They are amongst the largest contributors of flowing economy and both these streams fall under hotel management.

Hospitality is an integral sub sector of the tourism industry with massive numbers of jobs being generated. The growing job opportunities in the hospitality industry have inspired more students to take up hotel management degrees. If you want to study a hotel management degree, this blog can walk you through the future potential of this industry.

The Big, Fat Scope of Hospitality Management 

Hospitality or Hotel management is an umbrella terminology that combines various work profiles across the hospitality industry verticals. Applicants can be absorbed within a hotel in different departments such as the kitchen, front desk, administration, accounting, maintenance, security, sales and marketing, and can specialize in their preferred area to follow a prosperous career path.

  • Tier 1 cities like Kolkata, Delhi, and Bangalore are ought to experience an unprecedented 25% increase in the job opportunities by the end of this year. 
  • The hospitality industry is witnessing a new incredible boom with the trend of travel catching on amongst Indians, and the international appeal of the country keeping high amongst visitors. The need for qualified professionals to operate such facilities is also rising as new restaurants, hotel and hospitality centers spring up in metro cities and small towns alike.
  • In East India, Kolkata has emerged as a growing hub for hotel management schools in Kolkata. These institutes have helped generate professional manpower catering to the growing demand for hotel management business. 
  • Unconventional sectors like entrepreneurship and event management are also booming due to large contributions from these hospitality management professionals.

Job Options after Hotel Management in Kolkata

 As mentioned earlier, hotel management is truly an extensive stream with seamless opportunities across the world. Here we present to you some of the most preferred job options so that you develop a fair idea about the niche:

Hotel Manager: 

It will be a blunder to miss the hotel manager from this list. Hotel managers have to interact and coordinate with clients and their subordinates on a regular basis. They have to look over the smooth functioning of all the different departments in the hotel.

They are required to have a sense of calm and reasoning. They also need to have good command over their language and leadership qualities. They are the face of the hotel. 


Passionate about cooking and experimenting with recipes? Would you love to put a smile on the face of your hotel guests with your innovative cooking and manage kitchens? Well, the chef position is all yours then! You shall have plenty of vacancies as Head Chefs, Food and Beverage Managers, Restaurant/Cafe Managers, Bar Manager or Owner and various other miscellaneous roles.

Event management : 

Event Management is a very interesting job opportunity after you finish a hotel management course in Kolkata. You will responsible for organizing events like large conferences, parties, concerts, meet and greets, theatre productions, live concerts, and more. You may explore other avenues of jobs like venue manager, production management, or others.

Travel and Tourism:

 If you are passionate about traveling and exploring the exotic locations in India or around the world then, there are lucrative job offers in Travel and Tourism. This is one of the most important fields in the hospitality industry. SBIHMIT welcomes all explorers and traveling enthusiasts to live their dream.

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