Automatic control valves are special actuators controlled by temperature or flow sensors. Cla-Val is a leader in the design and manufacture of automatic control valves worldwide. Cla Val distributors and supplies a wide range of solutions for use in some of the world’s most demanding applications, including reduction and relief valves, deluge, air valves, and more. The lists of the top 6 Best Cla-Val Fire Protection Products are mentioned below:

How Do Cla Val Products Help In Fire Protection?

Cla-Val products provide accurate and reliable services in the most crucial of applications and from high-rise buildings and industrial facilities to the rigorous demands of fire protection systems on offshore oil platforms and FPSOs. Cla-Val Valves prevent fire suppression water supplies from being drained in the case of a catastrophic piping system failure. 

Here Are Some Of The Products Provided By Synergies-Group:

  • M.E.A., U.L.C., And U.L. Pressure-Reducing Valves For Fire Protection 

Pressure Reduction using Cla-Val any fire protection system would be incomplete without valves. The diaphragm actuated design, available in the globe and angle patterns, has shown to be highly reliable and easy to maintain. Many modifications are available on the globe and angle pattern valves. These valves can also be made out of several materials.

  • Main Relief Valves

The Cla-Val Angle Pressure Relief Valve is designed to automatically alleviate excess pressure in fire protection pumping systems. It modulates during the pump start to relieve excess pump capacity, keeping the system pressure positive at the pump discharge. Cla-Val Model opens when fire demand slows or stops, diverting the whole pump output to discharge, letting the fire pump be turned off without creating line surging.

  • Suction Control Valves

The Pump Suction Control Valve is intended for onshore industrial applications such as refineries and manufacturing plants. When the fire system experiences a demand, the pump kicks on and transports water from the supply source to the region of need. The valve modulates to keep the pump discharge proportional to the available suction head.

  • Backflow Preventers, Check Valves

Backflow of water, also known as backflow, is prevented by check valves, one of the cla val fire protection valves installed for fire protection. A hinged clapper with a spring is common on check valves, and it holds the valve closed until water from a water source opens it. When the flows reverse, the spring presses the clapper against a rubber seat, establishing a water-tight seal.

  • Altitude Valves

Cla-Val altitude valves eliminate the need for floats or similar devices to control high water levels in reservoirs. These valves, which are hydraulically operated and pilot controlled, enable accurate and repeatable level control and entirely automatic operation. The force differential between the spring load and the reservoir’s water level operates these non-throttling valves.

  • Air Release Valves

By removing excess air or admitting air before a vacuum state develops, Cla-Val Air Release assists protect fire protection systems against airlock and collapse. They are essential for reliable and safe pump start-up and stop operations, as well as helping the system retain its design capacity, which could be impacted if entrained air is present in the pipeline.

Final Words: 

Thus, the points listed earlier are the top 6 Best Cla-Val Fire Protection Products. Each one has different features and functionality. The quality of the valves and proper installation is mandatory for users. Find the right dealer after a few types of research and buy the valves from them.