Thumpstar shop cater to those seeking an adventurous ride. Specializing in pit bikes and mini bikes, these stores provide quality recreational vehicles for off-road fun. For outdoor enthusiasts looking to add some excitement to their lives, a visit to a local Thumpstar dealer may be in order.

What are Pit Bikes and Mini Bikes?

Pit bikes and mini bikes are small motorbikes, usually with a two-stroke engine and manual transmission. They resemble dirt bikes but on a smaller scale. Pit bikes get their name from dirt bike racing pits – their compact size makes them easy to transport and work on between events. Meanwhile, mini bikes encompass everything from miniature replicas of street motorcycles to specialty vehicles like the popular 50cc and 110cc models common in Thumpstar shops. 

While not street-legal in most areas, these bikes pack an adrenaline-filled punch during off-road adventures. Their lightweight, averaging between 55-150 pounds depending on engine size, makes them very nimble on dirt trails. Sturdy construction and knobby tires allow them to traverse bumpy hills and muddy pits better than standard bicycles. Plus, their throttle-controlled power, reaching speeds of 40+ mph, delivers loads of thrilling velocity.

What Thumpstar Shops Offer

Thumpstar dealers offer a wide selection of quality pit bikes and mini bikes to choose from. Leading brands regularly stocked include Thumpstar, Coolster and SSR. Models come in a spectrum of engine sizes and features to suit each rider’s needs.  

In addition to sales, most Thumpstar shops provide parts, accessories and riding gear. From motocross boots and helmets to replacement carburettors and custom sprockets, they aim to be a one-stop shop for mini bike lovers. Some may even offer service and repairs, from oil changes to engine rebuilds.

A number of these dealers also organize group rides and rallies during the year, giving customers a chance to put their bikes to the test. These events build camaraderie among the Thumpstar community while allowing participants to hone their skills on various riding terrain. Between the friendly staff, abundance of gear and presence of fellow enthusiasts, thumpstar shops create an all-in-one destination for mini bike aficionados.

Join the Thrillseeking Community

Stopping into a local Thumpstar dealer opens the door to an entire lifestyle. Riders who purchase one of the brand’s distinctive bikes can then join Thumpstar clubs and online groups to find others to ride with. Friendly competition and camaraderie add to the enjoyment of the sport. Riders organize group rides through scenic backcountry areas and also gather at motocross tracks or constructed adventure parks. The culture brings people together through a shared passion for outdoor adventure.


For those looking to spice up their weekend fun or put a little extra thrill in their off-road adventures, a pit bike or mini bike from their local Thumpstar dealer may be the perfect solution. These action-packed stores offer much more than just a set of wheels – they supply an entire lifestyle full of freedom, friends and dirt under one’s tires. Visiting a Thumpstar shop stands as the first step toward embracing the pulse-pounding excitement these machines provide.