granny flat builders Penrith

Once you have made up your mind about investing to build a granny flat, the immediate next step is to decide who will be the builder. In addition, it is also necessary to ensure that you select reputable granny flat builders in Penrith, to complete the construction successfully. 

However, before anything you need to understand that not all granny flat builders work to the same standards. Some companies are even not licensed builders and are acting just like project managers. 

So, how to ensure that you choose the top granny flat builders in Penrith? Here are some tips to consider. 

  • Cost matters

You should always deal with a granny flat builder, who understands your project perfectly and is willing to deliver the whole project as per your needs. Make sure not to choose builders who offer you cheap quotes as they generally have hidden costs. They might also have some critical aspects hidden that might result in additional costs.  

  • Look for experience

You solely can never have enough experience. That is the reason it is important to talk with more than one granny flat builders in Penrith. Choosing a builder with proper industry experience means they have the ability to solve almost any issue without causing any harm to your entire granny flat project.   

  • Functional design

Granny flats generally measure 60 square meters. So, a functional design is necessary. You can achieve that when you choose an experienced builder.  Choose a builder who is not limited by only one design type and willing to build something more than a square box.

  • A builder with testimonials 

Choosing granny flat builders in Penrith with reviews, testimonials, and customer references is a good sign that you are going right in finding a reputable builder.  Builder with repeat customers is a strong sign they offer high build standards and exceptional service. 

  • Qualified and licensed builders

It is highly important your builder poses a license that is current. Moreover, you also need to check that they are fully insured. Having additional recognitions such as accreditations from the Master Builders Association is also beneficial in choosing the perfect builder for you.

  • Efficiency and reliability

You should have the confidence that the granny flat builder you choose is able to complete the project within the stipulated time. Also, make sure that the builder is reliable and organised. He should show up every day.

  • Look for references

Before signing any contract with granny flat builders in Penrith, ask the builder to offer references in a photo form. He should also be able to show some past projects physically.

  • Specialty 

Builders generally have specialization in many forms of building or renovation project. So, it is important to find one who has experience in building granny flats. 

Last, but not least

Apart from the above points, you should also go for a builder with whom you are comfortable. In other words, the character of the builder is also an important trait to consider. There are numerous reasons to choose the best granny flat builder. The list has been provided above and deserves top priority in your decision-making process.