dog boarding

It is said that ‘Nobody can love you more selflessly than a dog’. And how true is this?

Dogs have been human’s oldest friend and have adapted completely to our psychology leading to a loving co-existence. Dogs are loyal and man’s best friend. 

But, many times due to other commitments it’s not possible to carry our furry friends everywhere. At times like this, having someone capable of caring for your mate is like a wish come true. 

Dog boarding in Sydney is one such amazing option that comes to your rescue every time you have to leave your dog behind providing home-like facilities for their easy transition from home to another environment.

Dog boarding in Sydney as a concept:

Dog boarding, on the whole, has become a very lucrative service industry but the trend really picked up in Sydney, Australia. There are so many fully equipped facilities for dog boarding in Sydney that one can never decide which to choose. But before handing over your pet to dog boarding which conditions should be considered-

Things to look at when searching for dog boarding in Sydney :

  1. Up to date certification: Day boarding facilities should have up to date certification and licenses and that should be openly discussed with dog owners.
  2. Play area: The dogs should have a separate play area where they can mingle and socialize with their other canine friends. Dogs love the interaction
  3. Cleanliness: Dog and their spaces should be kept absolutely clean so as not to attract ticks or other unhealthy diseases. Checking out the cleanliness aspect is very necessary. 
  4. On-site vet and vaccines: A dog boarder should have a 24*7 vet should along with necessary medications and vaccines.
  5. Staff personality: The environment reflects the people. Hence, while choosing a dog boarding, the personality of the staff should be observed and their manner towards animals.
  6. Environment: The entire environment of the dog boarding should be checked as facilities located in wrong places may attract anxiety, depression or other health problems for your babies. 
  7. Kennel space: Your dogs should have a proper space while you are away so as not to make them anxious and miss home. Hence, the kennel size really matters as they should have a comfortable space to settle down at the end of the day. 
  8. Food: Checking the food is a priority and should be checked compulsorily. Usually, kennels provide homemade meals with meat in one meal for nourishment. Hence food hygiene and menu should be looked into. 
  9. Reviews: Lastly, in this age of the internet, reviews help us to understand a place better. Hence select only the ones which have a reference or god reviews. 

Facilities provided in a dog boarder:

Dog boarders are like lavish second homes with facilities like-

  • Grooming
  • Flea treatment
  • Nails and ears cleaning
  • Tick treatment
  • Nutrition check-up

The scope of dog boarding in Sydney has increased drastically since the last decade with more and more families entrusting the responsibility of their furry babies on someone else’s hands. Nowadays with people travelling so frequently, having someone to take care of your dogs in your absence is a wish come true.