Commercial kitchen equipment can be divided into many types depending on the usage. When looking to open a commercial kitchen or restaurant, it is essential to invest in good quality commercial kitchen equipment online or offline. Since there are many categories of kitchen equipment, you mustn’t forget any. However, depending on the type of restaurant you have, you might need to invest in some additional products. The best way to make sure that you cover all the categories is by making a detailed list. Listed below are the main categories of kitchen equipment required for your restaurant.

Types of kitchen equipment

Equipment for cooking

These include the equipment that directly helps in cooking. The important thing to remember is to get the best quality cooking equipment for your restaurant. Also, make sure to get an idea of the size of products you need for your restaurant. The size and quality of the products must ideally depend on the regularity of use. You can easily get this type of commercial kitchen equipment online. You can also buy them offline by physically visiting the stores. Examples of cooking equipment are – oven, fryers, range, grill, salamander, broiler, toaster, microwave etc. Keep in mind that the power source and type required by the equipment are available in your restaurant or commercial kitchen.

  • Equipment for storage and refrigeration

Depending on your preference, you can select from numerous storage equipment available in the market. These include freezer, refrigerator, beverage dispenser, ice machine etc. When not aiding refrigeration, this equipment acts as storage for your food and beverages. Purchasing this type of commercial kitchen equipment online is a good idea as you need not take care of the delivery. There are numerous online suppliers available that take care of everything between purchasing the products and using them. It is important to base the purchase on the capacity required which will depend on the amount of food prepared.

  • Equipment acting as storage

Every restaurant needs to store some amount of food and food products. Examples are- utensils, crockery, cutlery, dinnerware, food colours, icing, flour, rice, canned foods etc. These aid in cooking the food items and are an essential part of the restaurant. Therefore, these need to be stored properly to make sure that they remain fit for use and in the best form possible. Storage equipment is what aids in the process. Examples of such storage equipment are- shelves, containers, racks, pans etc. 

  • Equipment for prepping food

Prepping food is a large part of preparing any complicated dish that is restaurant-style. Therefore, this equipment is extremely important in a commercial kitchen. This kind and offline helps you achieve that finesse that residential kitchens fail to derive. These include blenders, spice grinders, mixers, shakers, food processors, juicers etc. The prepping equipment differs from one restaurant to another depending on the type of cuisine, amount of food prepared, techniques used etc. 

  • Smallware

The tools that aid in the process of cooking are known as smallware. These include knives, cutting boards, food pans, whisks, pots, spoons, tongs, turners etc. The important thing is to purchase smallware in the right quantity and quality depending on your requirement. 

Apart from the above, the other type of equipment required includes the ones used for cleaning the kitchen and maintaining hygiene. You can purchase the mentioned commercial kitchen equipment online or offline depending on your suitability.