Pink Slip, or referred to as a Safety Check, is a safety inspection that proves your car is roadworthy. Every vehicle over three years old requires this inspection as part of the registration renewal process. The reports are then sent electronically to the authorities for registration processing over the phone or online. Safety checks can only be performed at authorized inspection stations.

It is imperative to take care of the car through authorized inspection professionals to pass a pink slip so that approvals can be done to be on the road. The inspector from Artarmon will judge whether the vehicle can be driven on the road with a set of checks performed in the vehicle’s different areas. All these combined forms the process of pink slip inspection in Artarmon. It is compulsory to pass the inspection tests. A vehicle owner must get the car fixed and comply with all the things as directed when there was a failed inspection. No compliance will always result in hefty fines.

The following are the pink slip checklist:

The emissions test is the most critical component of the state of a car during an inspection. A car owner cannot pass the overall control and cannot legally drive that vehicle on the road if that car fails the emissions test. These are key since combustion engines are linked to pollution and climate changes. It is vital to ensure vehicles run as clean as possible since the emission test can identify cars that are pollutants and hence can be grounded or repair them to save the environment. It is one of the most essential things if a car owner wants to pass the pink slip. Failure to undergo inspections or having failed inspections will result in a hefty fine or even the vehicle getting impounded when you are driving.

Checking for lights: this is done to ensure the proper functioning of lights. Light is an essential signal to the driver and other drivers as well as pedestrians on the road. For the blind people intensity of light should not be that high.

Check for seatbelt: seatbelts are the most important car parts that play a crucial role in cases of accidents. A thorough test must be done to belts to ensure their proper functionality.

Checks on the vehicle body: there should not be substantial dents on the vehicle body. A vehicle owner should ensure that the vehicle’s body is well taken care of.

Engine checklist: this is the most crucial part, and the inspector must be thorough by ensuring the engine does not leak fuel, not overheating, not expelling harmful smoke, and not consuming too much fuel as well as many other tests.

Tire checks: bad tires should be in the right conditions to prevent them from burst and punctures.

The fluid levels check: the various fluids are vehicle oils and lubricants. They should be maintained regularly and ensuring there are no leakages.

These pink slip checklists are fundamental to ensure the roads have the best functioning vehicles that are safe for people and the environment.