Granite Slabs in Sydney

The use of Granite Slabs in Sydney for various decor needs has risen significantly in recent years. Granite being a natural stone helps one give a unique and authentic look to their property needs be it for domestic or commercial use.

Listed below are some of the advantages of using a Granite slab in Sydney-

  • High Durability– Compared to Marble or Soapstone, Granite being much denser makes them more resistant to scratches and stains helping them retain their finish for a longer duration. 
  • Low Maintenance- They can be cleaned easily using water with some foamy soap or liquid. Having them properly sealed can lead to higher shelve life. It may be wise to stay away from high acidic cleaners.
  • Adding elegance to your kitchen and washrooms- Granites with their wide range of colour availability, design, patterns and textures adds to the aesthetic value. It also can be helpful to get added value when you want to sell your place.
  • It’s an eco-friendly material- As they are made from natural rocks there is no need for harmful toxins or chemicals for its quarry and finish. Giving them polishing retains their looks and gives back its natural sheen.
  • Resists Bacteria and Dirt- Having a non-porous surface Granites don’t allow things to soak in and hence your kitchen and bathrooms will be less likely to be plagued with dust or bacteria. With the smoother surface, they tend to clean easily as well.
  • Having a perfectly flat surface- As Granites being used mainly as kitchen countertops- people who enjoy cooking be it as a hobby or as a professional chef, they can be useful for making doughs for pizza, cookies or baking needs!
  • Budget-friendly option- Though not the cheapest natural stone, it’s cheaper than its competitors especially Marble which gives you an additional reason to choose granite slabs in Sydney.

Things to watch out for after installation of your Granite slabs in Sydney.

  • Make sure they aren’t cracked or filled excessively to avoid future cracks or problems during the installation process.
  • For any spills, clean them using water with dishwashing liquid and a clean cloth as soon as possible to avoid long-lasting damage on your Granite slab.
  • For removing oil strains, alcohol marks, use a mix of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide for cleaning without any damage to the stone.

To Conclude- 

The use of Granite slabs in Sydney has become quite a rage especially for their needs in kitchen, bathrooms and outdoor use. Due to its high durability, being able to withstand heat and liquid spills and the need for low maintenance making it a perfect choice for your household and commercial needs. They are also available in multiple colours given them the added advantage to match with your decor for both internal and external use.

Hoping the above pointers help you find your ideal stone- Granite Slabs for providing the best features at a convenient budget. Having all such advantages one should certainly go for Granite slabs in Sydney. It’s also important to note that one of the most important things to check while buying a Granite slab is it’s aesthetic. Granite slabs are not the cheapest products but with their long-lasting ability, they sure can be thought of as an investment, so finding your perfect fit is a necessity.