A doll’s house is part of every girl’s growing up…well almost. Complete with furnishings and fun accessories (they allow you sufficient opportunity to accessorise them as well), these toys make for mini-homes for your kids and can deck up these mini houses just as they would deck their own homes up.

Are You going to buy a Dolls House Soon?

Adults, in charge of buying these dolls houses, should take due care to choose the right size of the house, in the first place. In short, the size of the house thus bought by you should comply with the size of the biggest doll that your daughter has. It is important to check measurements before investing in the doll house as well.

Why is it important to select the Right Size of the Dolls House?

A 4-story dolls house, for instance, can accommodate dolls up to 12” tall. The fancy dollhouses even have elevators. The number of furniture pieces included varies with the size of the house. You can either settle for a basic dolls house or for something which is a mansion of sorts. These mansions can actually accommodate the following stuff:

8 rooms with spaces to decorate



Garage doors

Other fun interactive features

The Benefits of Playing with the Dolls House

Are you looking to buy dolls house in Australia? If yes, then do make sure that you are keeping these points in view without fail. There are several benefits of playing with dolls houses. We have already told you that it gives your kids a taste of their own future houses. Your little girl is perhaps choosing a house, keeping the exact furniture sets she wants – in view. So that counts for serious planning.


It has been unequivocally maintained that dolls houses have immense educational value. A child’s social and intellectual development is largely bolstered. While playing with a dolls house, a child ends up employing several symbolic representations of the actions and objects that they are actually exploring. For instance, they are constantly engaged in imaginary dialogue with their dolls. This paves the way for the development of social, intellectual and emotional skills. All these are very important aspects of learning.

Role-play, in this case, offers children a scenario where they are expected to find solutions to problems as a family. As adults, you can assign them different roles at different times – so that they are encouraged to find solutions as different members of the family.

An ending note

Encourage them to decorate their dolls houses all by themselves as well. You can even help your kid explore Maths concepts by measuring the surface area of the house. The kids can then engage in using pattern designs to craft room borders or indulge in role-playing number stories and learn things like addition and subtraction.

Please make sure that you are procuring the doll’s house from a reputed store—the one, which has earned years of trust for the quality of products they have delivered.