logo stickers

Logo stickers are not just a simple promotional tool; they are a versatile and cost-effective way to showcase your brand identity. With a little imagination, logo stickers can be used in various creative ways to leave a lasting impression on your audience. this blog will explore the art of sticking and share innovative ideas on how to use logo stickers to enhance your brand visibility. Let’s dive in!

Packaging and Branding:

– Customised packaging: 

Add logo stickers to your product packaging for a professional and branded touch.

– Shipping boxes and envelopes: 

Make your shipments stand out by placing logo stickers on boxes or envelopes.

– Retail bags and shopping totes: 

Enhance your customers’ shopping experience by adorning retail bags or totes with logo stickers.

Merchandise and Promotional Items:

– Swag bags and giveaway items: 

Include logo stickers in swag bags or as freebies during events, trade shows, or conferences.

– Apparel and accessories: 

Stick logo stickers on t-shirts, hats, phone cases, or laptop sleeves for wearable branding.

– Water bottles and mugs: 

Personalise water bottles, coffee mugs, or tumblers with logo stickers to create functional brand merchandise.

Event Branding and Decor:

– Name tags and badges: 

Design logo stickers as name tags or badges for staff members and event attendees.

– Signage and banners: 

Use logo stickers to create eye-catching signage or banners for events, booths, or exhibitions.

– Photobooth props and backdrops: 

Incorporate logo stickers into photobooth props or create branded backdrops for memorable photos.

Vehicle Branding:

– Car decals: 

Transform vehicles into moving advertisements by applying logo stickers as car decals.

– Delivery vans and company vehicles: 

Adorn delivery vans or company vehicles with logo stickers to maximise brand exposure on the road.

Stationery and Office Essentials:

– Business cards and letterheads:

Add a unique touch to business cards or letterheads with small logo stickers.

– Envelopes and folders: 

Seal envelopes or customise folders with logo stickers for a professional and branded look.

– Laptop covers and notebooks: 

Personalise laptop covers or notebooks with logo stickers to create stylish office essentials.

Street Marketing and Guerrilla Advertising:

– Sticker bombing: 

Strategically place logo stickers on public spaces, street furniture, or community boards to catch attention.

– Handouts and street teams: 

Use logo stickers as promotional materials for street teams or to distribute to potential customers.

Personal Use and Gift-giving:

– Customised gifts: 

Use logo stickers to personalise gifts such as mugs, notebooks, or photo frames for friends, family, or clients.

– Party favors and special occasions: 

Create custom logo stickers for party favors, wedding favors, or special events to add a personal touch and commemorate the occasion.


Logo stickers offer endless possibilities for creative brand promotion. From packaging and merchandise to event branding and street marketing, logo stickers can be utilised in innovative ways to enhance brand visibility and leave a memorable impression on your target audience. Get imaginative and experiment with different applications to find the most effective methods for your brand. So, embrace the art of sticking and unlock the full potential of logo stickers to take your brand to new heights.