commercial kitchen towels

Running a catering business, such as a resort, restaurant, cruise line, or even a hospital, is indeed stressful. How much extra stress do you need to take if you have to deal with additional things like laundry and linen care? That being said, it’s beneficial that you start using commercial kitchen towels and commercial tea towels from a reputed and leading laundry service that provides the best quality linens for day-to-day uses.

Here’s a rundown of the advantages of using commercial kitchen towels

Enhanced Business Effectiveness – If you do not engage with a commercial laundry services firm, your employees will be responsible for the washing. You must also have several detergents and chemicals for optimal outcomes. Consider going through all of this daily.

Linen Care – A competent laundry service that understands how to treat various fabrics. To wash specific materials, they utilize specialized soaps and detergents.

Save Money – Hiring a laundry service to clean your linen and uniform laundry may appear to be an expensive choice because you’ll most likely have to do it daily. Nevertheless, if you prefer to have your on-premise laundry, consider the expense of appliances, space, and the salaries of additional laundry employees.

Work in Big Quantities – Commercial laundry services are accustomed to handling large quantities of clothing and linens. They can handle heaps weighing hundreds of kilograms in a day, whether they are made of wool or cotton.

Pick-Up and Delivery Service – With an emphasis on business leadership and customer satisfaction, a lot of reputed laundry services provide commercial tea towels, kitchen towels, and other linens whenever you require them the most by ensuring a fast pickup and drop service.

Why should your restaurant use commercial kitchen towels?

Chefs frequently use a wide range of instruments, such as small and large appliances, diverse cookware, and, of course, knives. The chef’s kitchen towel is perhaps the most used gear of a cook that is often forgotten. This little piece of linen may appear to be a simple and normal aspect of a chef’s style and repertoire, but it is much more.

The fact is that a chef would be adrift without a kitchen towel. These towels are relied on for numerous uses and are subjected to repetitive damage with each visit to the kitchen. Chefs in upscale restaurants frequently undertake the last steps in preparing a dish for aesthetics and serving. A splatter of sauce on the edge of the plate or an out-of-place portion of food on the end of the plate might detract from the aesthetics and presentation. A simple sweep with a chef’s towel can offer the necessary touch-up before serving the dish.

That’s why it’s highly essential to get commercial kitchen towels for your restaurant so that things don’t get messed up by the chef!

Why are commercial tea towels gaining popularity in a lot of restaurants these days?

Commercial tea towels can be presented in a variety of ways, including neatly folding them over oven door handles or hanging them on a specialized hook to add a style statement of decorative colour that enhances the ultimate kitchen interior, or simply folding them away and storing them neatly in a kitchen drawer if they serve a more functional purpose.


Look for commercial linen services that not only suit your overall demands but also personalize their solutions to the specific objective you’re attempting to achieve.