Few common problems arise in AC due to many reasons. Sometimes because of manufacturing defects and poor installation.

With the increasing and long summer season, a massive increment in the usage of Air Conditioner has been seen in the last few years. Without a doubt, it provides comfort and pleasure, but it also requires proper care for it to operate effectively. Inadequate or improper care, poor installations, and insufficient service may lead to a short life of AC with poor performance. Few common problems arise in AC due to many reasons. Sometimes because of manufacturing defects and sometimes because of poor installation or AC maintenance. Ensure to read the guidelines given in the manual to avoid or minimize the problems. 

In this article, we’ll talk about 6 common problems that arise in AC and the steps that could be taken to prevent and solve these problems. If you are not a technician, it is recommended that you hire a professional or AMC for AC (Annual Maintenance Contract) for proper and regular service of your AC.

Air Conditions not cooling

This is one of the most common problems with most of the air conditions. This could happen due to many reasons. The most common reason for an AC not cooling is the dirty coils or clogged air filters. When the air filters are blocked, the dusty air goes through and makes a layer of soil on the reels. This results in the low or no cooling of your AC. This could also happen because of a faulty compressor, deficient coolant, or a defective thermostat. Cooling also depends on the size of your room. In addition to that, the outside temperature could also affect the cooling. The effect of cooling also depends on the structure of your room. The result is most when your room is completely blocked from all the sides, probably with glasses or woods.

Water Leakage

It could be said that water leakage is the second most common problem that arises in an AC. Though it is recommended that it should be checked by a professional, sometimes the problem is not so complicated, and it can be resolved by the user as well. Mostly water leakage happens because of collected water that does not go through the rear drain because of dirt, dust, or clogs. Water somehow finds a way to get out and start leaking wherever it finds it easy. A regular check and cleaning of the rear drain usually resolve the problem. If not, it’s mandatory to get this checked by a professional.

Leaking refrigerant 

The refrigerant top-up should be charging as per the manufacturer’s specifications. If that is charging and AC is not cooling, this could happen due to leakage. When you find there is a leaking refrigerant in your AC, refilling it couldn’t be considered as a complete solution. If this is the case, it is strongly recommended that you hire a professional and let him repair the AC. Again, if you have AMC for AC, you may get all your services, including this one, for no additional cost. The amount of refrigerant should be precise as specified by the manufacturer, neither less nor more.

Fault in Sensors

Behind the control panel of your air conditioner, there is a thermostat. In most of the AC, it is located near the evaporating coil. The sensor takes the outside surroundings’ temperature, and the air temperature of the AC’s evaporating coils and changes the cooling depending on the condition of your room. Sometimes, cooling doesn’t work because either the sensor doesn’t work correctly or is misplaced inside the AC. Due to this, the AC gets disturbed, and it doesn’t work as expected. If you sense such a problem in your AC, never try to repair it on your own. Always hire a professional technician or get AMC AC.

Fan or Compressor problem

Whoever has an AC, you can hear him saying that the compressor is not working. This may happen if you ON and OFF the AC frequently. The fan and compressor could get damaged. If you have the type of power supply which has electrical disturbance and voltage fluctuation, the chances are more that it gets damaged. This could cause an overheating of your device and lead to the AC, not a cooling problem. Sometimes, dirt and dust could also cause the same.

Blocked or Clogged Drains

The surrounding, dirt, dust, humidity, and fur of your pet, could cause the blockage in your drains and air filter. This could lead to low cooling or heating AC. To avoid such problems, you must get your AC serviced by a professional regularly. For a regular AC maintenance, you should go for AMC AC.