Have any idea about the sign your car needs a service? Your car will show some early signals of danger before breaking down. So you need to be aware of these signs so that you can take the car to a reputable repair shop before you find yourself with additional damages that could have been avoided. You can reach a professional car service Randwick, as they will notice symptoms and take care of anything that needs to be fixed before it becomes a problem for you. Below you will see the signs that your car needs a service:

Check engine light is flashing

You can take your car to the closest shop if you found that your light is on and lit. The fact that the light is on does not necessarily indicate what the issue is. The light must be checked by a professional immediately if it is flashing. It can suggest that your emissions system is having problems. Your catalytic converter could be damaged if you keep driving in such a situation. 

Leaking fluids

Your car should not leak anything into the road, whether transmission fluid, oil, or something else. You probably need to fix anything in the engine if you see a large amount of liquid below your car every morning when you leave. Your engine may have to work harder than usual due to fluid leaks, raising the risk that it could break down. Additionally, it will cause belts and pistons that must be kept greased to function correctly to burn off the fluids more quickly and suffer damage. Further, your car may overheat if there is insufficient coolant to keep the temperature down. Once you find such an issue, you can reach out to a car service Randwick, who will take care of the problem.

Noises while driving

When you are driving, if your car is making grinding or screaming noises, it might have bad brakes. Your wheel bearings may be the cause of a dragging or droning noise. In either case, you need to have a trained technician of car service Randwick examine it.

Weird smells

When your heating and cooling systems are turned on, odd smells shouldn’t come from them. Get your car into a car service Randwick immediately if you notice any strange smells, especially if they are unpleasant. If you do not address strange smells, it could indicate a number of things that are dangerous for you and your family. A mechanic will be able to solve these problems.


A warning sign is the unexpected arrival of a vibration that is not on by difficult terrain. At a certain speed, you might feel it in the steering wheel, or it might feel like it is going all over the place. It might indicate a number of issues, such as old or unbalanced tyres, a tyre going flat, or a failing universal joint, among others.

Final Thoughts

Once you find any of the above-listed signs, then it is the right time you need to approach a car service shop. If you leave it without taking care of your car, you will later suffer much damage. It is best to approach a professional shop for your car service.