air conditioning repairs

The presence of air conditioners in a home or workplace is significant. This is because it helps in creating a favourable climate for work, leisure, or sleep. However, it is worth remembering that air conditioners are technically sophisticated equipment that requires competent selection and installation, as well as periodic maintenance.

The air conditioning maintenance in Katoomba has extensive experience in the repair of this equipment. They will quickly find the fault and fix it. During the repair process, only branded components are used, due to which the quality of work performed increases significantly, which in turn allows you to forget about any problems during the operation of the equipment.

Air conditioners also fail.

Air conditioning is whimsical equipment that requires time and quality service. The most common breakdowns of air conditioners are freezing, increased noise, lack of refrigeration, leaks, and other unpleasant things. To repair air conditioning, you need to contact professionals, because only highly qualified masters will help you quickly find the cause of the breakdown and eliminate it.

The air conditioning repair may be required due to various reasons like the breakdown of the engine of the indoor or outdoor units, failure of electronic circuit boards or relays, and failure of the valve. Repairing the drainage system of an air conditioner and eliminating freon leaks are all probable causes of breakdowns. It’s impossible to say that there are models of air conditioners that do not break at all.

In repairing an air conditioner, it is firstly troubleshooting, and secondly, eliminating the causes of breakdowns that can be caused by both electrical disruptions and physical causes, with the replacement of failed parts. The air conditioning repair technician successively studies the main output parameters: freon pressure in the working cooling system, temperature difference, as an indicator of the performance of the split system, analyzes the electrical system for a short circuit, etc.

Signs that show the air conditioner needs repair

Failed condenser

If the condenser is failing, then repair of the whole unit is needed. This is a simple repair, and it takes about half an hour.

A burnt coil of the contactor of the cooling system

This is also another sign that your air conditioning is failing. It is easy to diagnose the failure, as its replacement takes about half an hour.

Dirty outdoor unit 

A dirty radiator of the unit increases the freon pressure in the system – this causes a decrease in compressor performance. This means that the air conditioning does not cool, although everything works.

Stuck compressor

With this breakdown, you will hear the unit making a sharp ringing sound – the engine tries to start to no avail. This failure is mainly caused by the operation of the air conditioner in the absence of freon in the system. The compressor abnormally overheats, which causes its breakdown.

If the above problems are found, you should call specialists in Katoomba who will help repair the air conditioning. They will arrive at the specified address and diagnose and repair the air conditioning. To avoid damage, always have your air conditioner serviced on time.