Home security in Bondi is an important issue and people are spending more on their home security. Security screens in Bondi are getting popular each day. Here’s what you must know about them.

  • What Are Security Screens?

These are high-tensile mesh made of stainless steel with an aluminium frame. It is used to secure outdoor areas, doors, and windows from insects and intruders. And it doesn’t hamper your ventilation.

  • Benefits Of Security Screen:

If you want a cost-effective safety investment, security screens in Bondi should be your choice. It sets a physical barrier between your home and anything unwanted like intruders and insects. Even the most determined thief can’t get in if you have set your doors and windows with security screens in Bondi. Without the fencing, your door becomes your first line of defence. So, keeping your door secured becomes important. Security screens are the best way to do that.

You can add security screens to all the doors and windows. Since they are made from tough and high-quality material, they create a layer of protection you can rely on. And not just safety, these screens can keep insects and bugs out of your home as well. So, you can keep the doors and windows open for fresh air and sunlight without worrying about bugs.

  • Disadvantages Of Security Screens:

The quality of the security screen depends on the doors and windows they are installed on. So, if you are spending on a high-quality and durable security screen, you must have doors and windows must be strong, made of solid wood, steel or frame materials. Also, you must have at least three hinges installed for better security from these screens. Apart from that, there is no issue in having the security screen installed.

  • Cost Of Installation:

You must always have a professional to install the security screen. They range between $400 to $4000 approximately. The price depends on the material the screen is manufactured and the design of the door. Along with the installation, it might cost you anything between $900 to $5000.

There are certain factors that affect the price of the security screen like materials. The least expensive is Fiberglass, The price goes up with solid steel, solid hardwood and hardwood with a steel core.

Most installation costs between $380 and $550 for an average sized door. For extra dimensions add an extra $90 to $150 to the cost. For the security door an additional labour charge of $70 to $130 approximately. And a large or dual security door would cost $750-$800 of labour.

The price varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. There are many aspects of getting a perfect screen door and you must understand them before you settle for one. You should ask away all your doubts and queries before making a decision. It is about the security of your entire house and you can’t take it lightly. And always buy from the best, it will last longer and will need a little looking after.