Emergency & Exit Lighting

An accident can take place anywhere and anytime! Fire hazards have been a common problem in many cases and it is seen that people are not aware of the safety measures during such incidents. People lack basic knowledge of how to treat uncontrollable fire.

It has now become a necessity for everyone to be aware and have a fair knowledge of dealing with such a situation. Many schools and colleges have started organizing campaigns and seminars to provide the students with the rudimentary safety measures that are to be followed during a fire hazard.

There are a few basic steps that one can easily follow and also urge others to follow during an accident. It is important to have proper planning of the buildings which must include various smoke detector devices or fire alarms and fire extinguishers.

Every school, college, office and other buildings should have enough space to escape during any such situation. Having a proper Emergency & Exit Lighting is important for the safety of the people. Here are some of the elementary and important safety measures that are to be taken into consideration-

Emergency & Exit Lighting

  • Proper Emergency Exit Ways

The very first thing that should be taken into consideration while planning a building is the safety of the people. Even the very initial stage of planning should have a proper exit way for an emergency. The emergency exit should also be spacious so that a large number of people can access the way at the same time during a fire hazard. The building plan plays an important role during all these situations.

  • Keeping Fire Extinguishers

Installing fire extinguishers is also important. Fire extinguishers should be installed in easily accessible areas where people can easily go and use the extinguisher in need. Fire extinguishers can really help in cases where the condition is not out of control.

  • Install Smoke Detectors

A building should always have proper smoke detector devices or fire alarms that can detect any kind of smoke and make the people aware. These detectors can help avoid a number of severe accidents and save people.

  • Organizing Fire Drills

One of the most important things during a fire hazard is preventing panic among the people. These situations often turn out to be worse just because of people panicking without trying to solve the issue.

Organizing regular fire drills at schools, colleges, and even offices can help prevent this. A fire drill can provide the basic idea of fighting with such a situation.

  • Contacting The Local Fire Brigade

Contacting a local fire brigade can also prevent the situation get worse. The local fire brigade will definitely help extinguish the fire and will also rescue people if required.

Apart from all these safety measures, there are also other small things that people can follow to avoid these hazardous conditions. Trying to keep the building free from inflammable substances as much as possible will definitely help people stay safe and prevent fire breakouts. Also relying upon emergency and exit light can save a lot of lives.