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Lebanese cuisine has taken the world by storm; it is notably popular for its luxurious flavours and health value. It is regarded as one of the most nutritious cuisines globally and is accounted for in the top ten. This is primarily due to its abundant use of fresh vegetables, legumes, fruits, natural sweeteners like honey and lack of red meat. People yearning to taste this exotic cuisine in its authentic goodness is highly sought-after, far and wide. 

Chatswood, a major business and residential district in the Lower North Shore of Sydney, houses a number of restaurants that serve genuine Lebanese cuisine. These restaurants offer both dine-in and takeaway to suit the customer’s requirements.

While the tastes and aromas of the food alone are enough to tempt people into trying Lebanese cuisine, here are some interesting tidbits that you might not have known about this diverse food group. It will surely add to the appeal and mystery of the cuisine and will have you either ordering takeaway or making your way to the many restaurants in Chatswood.

Did You Know That Lebanese Food:

1. Lebanese food has a rich history

Lebanon was a country under the rule of a lot of nations, such as the Greek, Persian, Roman, Levantine, and Ottoman. Ottoman rule primarily lasted for over six hundred years. And a point to observe would be that all these nations, with their diverse cultures, left some influence on Lebanese history, culture, and cuisine. Such varied results have Lebanese food unique in its own right. Beirut, the present-day capital of Lebanon, was also previously referred to as the Paris of the Middle East. As a result, it received a high traveller footfall, which further shaped its customs, ingredients, and food.

2. It is highly reliant on its spices and herbs

Lebanese food is known for its propensity to be well seasoned and brimming with flavour. It uses its mix of spices and herbs that are fresh and well blended from scratch to deliver its raw and unbridled taste, ensuring rich flavoursome food. Baharat is one such seven-spice mix that is a common and irreplaceable ingredient found in Lebanese households. Along with vibrant seasoning herbs such as za’atar, sumac, fresh mint, cardamon, among others. Most Chatswood restaurants use these spices procured from local vendors to add authenticity to their dishes. 

3. It is often served with pita bread

Bread is a dominant ingredient in Lebanese cuisine. You will likely be served more with a range of bread rather than meat. Pita bread is ideally found in Lebanese food accompanying various other dishes, including dips, salads or meat. It would help if you were careful not to indulge in too much bread, in which case you might miss out on the delicious dishes presented in Lebanese restaurants. You can try out the various offerings by getting takeaways that can help you try other the spectrum of words without wasting them. Or visit Chatswood for hot and fresh food to eat on the spot.

4. It is presented in small servings that are meant to be shared

Lebanese food is entirely wholesome and plentiful. One of its most unique aspects is the mezze platters that you’ll find in most Lebanese restaurants in Chatswood. These platters consist of small servings that add on to become a vast platter or banquet of food meant to be shared. These are ideal for those curious about the cuisine and want to try out a little of everything. It offers a variety of dip, salads, bread and meat. Order in, get takeaway or make way to the restaurants now!

5. It caters to Vegetarians too

Lebanese cuisine is the go-to option for vegetarians as well. This is because Lebanese dishes have a range of vegetarian options. These dishes are packed with healthy protein sources like legumes, grains, vegetables, yogurt, etc. At Chatswood’s Lebanese restaurants, vegetarians will have options!
Book your table at the authentic Lebanese restaurants in Chatswood. You can also opt for takeaway in Chatswood or online order delivery if that is more convenient.