Do you wish to rejuvenate your home? Then consider using colored concrete sealers, which will change the appearance of your dwelling and give it a classy new look. Often during construction or repair work, it is required to seal a section reliably. Today, many different companies produce sealants for concrete.

For concrete surfaces, a one-component sealant of high elasticity and high quality is used. It can penetrate their depths, providing durability and strength of the connection. It is applied both to freshly laid and to old concrete.

Characteristics of colored concrete sealers:

  • Heat resistance
  • Resistant to UV rays.
  • Resistance to aggressive cleaning agents.
  • Resistant to mold and mildew.
  • High adhesion to surfaces like ceramics, metal.
  • Resistance to environmental factors – humidity, sun rays.
  • High strength with tensile properties.

Acrylic and silicone sealants are trendy in carrying out external and internal work. When the aesthetic component is essential, you should choose the composition according to the shade that would fit the overall design. Then a colored concrete sealer comes to the rescue, which in its form contains a particular coloring pigment.

Colored silicone sealants are so widespread in construction and finishing work in indoor spaces. They isolate various compounds for protection against leaks, close the cracks in the kitchen worktop after installing the sink and other appliances. 

They have found their application for use not only indoors but also outside. Such a composition does not differ in characteristics from standard white or transparent ones but has an advantage over them – conformity to the overall design. Silicone compounds are used to seal gaps. They contain components to prevent fungus and mold, and therefore can be used in conditions of high humidity, where contact with liquids occurs.

A silicone-based sealant is perhaps the only composition whose manufacturers offer a vast selection of colors. What is good, it does not have a specific smell. By laying the pigment already in the production process, it is possible to obtain gray, black, yellow, brown, beige, blue sealant. And these are far from all colours. Despite the addition of pigment, the composition remains resistant to the sun. After hardening, it retains its colour for a long time, does not become cloudy. A white sealant is a primary colour, a classic; it does not apply to colour, as is transparent. Any other shades already represent a colour composition that harmoniously complements the interior.

When using silicone sealant, remember that:

  • silicone sealant should be applied to a thoroughly dried base;
  • silicone sealant is intended for use on non-porous substrates, such as ceramic tiles, porcelain stoneware, stone (with restrictions), glass, enamel
  • the use of silicone sealant on porous substrates requires prior priming with special primers
  • Acetic silicone sealant can not be used on marble and metal substrates (neutral silicone sealants are specially produced for this purpose).

Make your dwelling an attractive and durable by using coloured concrete sealers. They will also make your building more welcoming, as beautiful colours may be used.