puppy day care

Most of the times people end up investing in things that they cannot afford to take care of and one such are pets. People who have tight schedules would face an extreme challenge when it comes to pet care. Pets are like kids and they require a lot of attention when they are growing. Hence, bringing them homes when you are actually not around can jeopardise their happiness. 

However, there is always a solution to every problem, isn’t it? One of the best things to do to keep your pups happy and safe is by leaving them at the puppy day care Sydney centres.

Well, there are a lot of puppy day care centres but, it is essential to find the apt one and mentioned below are the dos and don’ts that one must follow while you choose to leave your pups at the puppy day care.

Don’t just leave the pups all by themselves 

When you take your pups to the puppy day care, you must not leave them all by themselves right on day 1. They may feel very lonely, depressed and also start acting cranky with the people at the centre. It becomes your responsibility to stay with them for the first few hours and spend time with them. Hand them over to the caretaker and see how they respond to them.

If they are comfortable, reduce the number of hours and then finally you can leave them by themselves at the daycare. By doing this, the pups would feel secured and stay at the puppy day care Sydney without any problems.  

Do visit them during breaks

If the puppy day care is closer to the place where you work, you can go meet and have fun with your pets during your break time. By doing this, you are not just making your pets feel good; in return you would also start feeling happy that you are carrying your duty as a pup owner with responsibility. Also, this would keep the people at the puppy day care on toes and they would also keep reporting the status of your pup. 

Do not let the centre people take over your roles

When you meet your pups during the break make sure that you spend quality time with your pups. Take them out for a walk or play with them. By doing this, you are not allowing the puppy day care people to take over your responsibilities. You must understand that it is just a day care centre for your pup and if you allow the centre to take care of them too much then, they might start loving them and the day care centre more than their homes.

Well, these are some of the things that you must remember when you are leaving your pups at the puppy day care Sydney. By keeping all these things in mind it becomes easy for you to leave your pups while you work at peace.