Most of us build concrete surfaces and slabs in our warehouses, parking lots, and outdoor areas. The concrete surface is extremely durable for the most part and needs little to no maintenance across its lifetime. Having said that, it does lose its luster and smoothness over a period of time. And many people believe that concrete polishing is the solution to restoring its remarkable appearance. However, we believe concrete grinding and sealing is the way to approach this problem! 

concrete grinding

Not only does it polish your concrete surface, but it adds much more to it. No wonder hundreds of residential and commercial property owners across Sydney are opting for concrete grinding and sealing services. 

Are you ready to learn a few new things about the concrete grind and seal technique in general? We have given a brief introduction to what exactly this process is, followed by some benefits associated with that process! 

Concrete Grinding & Sealing Is The Way To Go

In this method, instead of polishing the floor, a 60/80 grit diamond tool removes all the irregularities off the surface. And once all the existing coating and irregularities are scraped off, epoxy is poured on top of it, also known as sealing the floor. With proper concrete grinding and sealing, you can expect stunning results. 

Less Expensive 

In many cases, grinding and sealing the concrete floor is found to be much cheaper than polishing it. We are not saying that it’s the same for every project, but it seems to reduce the cost in one way or another. And the reason for this might be that grinding and sealing take less preparation than its alternative. With concrete grinding and sealing, you won’t have to pay any significant amount to prepare the floor. 

On the other hand, you won’t have to invest much in its maintenance. This process ensures that your concrete flooring stays intact for years to come without losing any of its polished looks. 

Quick Process

As mentioned earlier, there is hardly any preparation that goes into the concrete grinding and sealing process. Your contractor just has to make sure that little prep work is done before commencing the process. In a typical concrete polishing project, it takes at least 10-14 days for its completion. On the other hand, when you look at concrete grinding and sealing, the entire project will be completed within 3 or 4 days! 

It’s that quick and continuous for the homeowner or property manager. Another reason why people prefer this concrete restoration process to its predecessor! 

Good Water Resistance

Concrete surfaces need to be water-resistant as we usually build concrete floors in our basements, stormwater pit areas, and driveways. Water seepage usually damages the flooring or surface quite easily. But with concrete grinding and sealing, you don’t have to deal with this problem any longer. The epoxy coating over the concrete floor in your basement will surely keep the water away from damaging the surface. 

Slip Resistance As Well

Slips and accidents near a slippery surface are something that we see occasionally. These slips usually cause a lot of pain and, at times, also lead to large hospital bills as well. You can avoid all this from happening with just concrete grinding and sealing procedures. Grind and seal is a trusted procedure to ensure there’s no slippage of any kind on your concrete surface! 

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