custom kitchens Sydney

Without fail you get well-cooked and delicious food on your plate every day, most often we reserve all our credits for the person who prepares those lip-smacking food. But, have we ever thought about the place where such food is being cooked? Yes, you are correct, I am referring to the kitchen, which is the heart of a home. It is the kitchen that provides physical and spiritual nourishment to the people who dwell in a home. However, it could be quite challenging to have a well-designed kitchen that is functional yet aesthetically appealing. The custom kitchens in Sydney are one such option that gives you both functional and elegant-looking kitchens.

Now you must be wondering how to design perfect custom kitchens in Sydney, do not worry. The secret is out. You just need to select reputed kitchen builders who will understand your requirement and come up with tailor-made solutions. Nevertheless, it is critical that you have a well-defined plan in place. In this article, we shall explore a few tips to design custom kitchens.

Position the Sink and the Dishwasher close to each other

An important factor that you ought to keep in mind while designing custom kitchens in Sydney is to keep the sink and the dishwasher close to each other. It helps you to avoid dropping food, grease, soap, or water on the floor. Once you have rinsed the dishes you can quickly place them within the dishwasher without any hassle. You are saved from the trouble of travelling with dirty plates all over the kitchen.

Place the Garbage Bin in an Easily Accessible Place

It may sound quite pleasant, but the reality is that garbage bins are the most used element in a functional kitchen. Hence, you need to place the garbage bin in a place so that it is accessible from all stations. The island that is near the entrance of the kitchen is a good space to place the garbage bin, at the same time, you can also place a compost bin near the food preparation areas of the kitchen.

Leave enough space between counters

Custom kitchens in Sydney should never look claustrophobic. Expert kitchen builders suggest that you should leave at least a meter gap between countertops. It helps you to open cupboards and drawers comfortably. However, if your kitchen is big enough you can even keep a gap of more than one meter, it will ensure that you do not bump into the various elements when you walk through the kitchen.

Have a well-organised Pantry

In most cases, it is seen that people pay little attention to the pantry in the kitchen. Some basic shelves and it is done. But that should not be the case, you should have a well-organized pantry to make your kitchen even more functional. You can have special shelves for spice, pull out shelves, or baskets.

To sum up, when building your kitchens, it is better to have a long-term plan in mind so that even if you plan to resale it after a few years, you get adequate resale value. Also, there is no point in renovating your kitchen every five years. Plan well and start building.