surface protection tape

While carrying out construction or remodeling of doors, thresholds are commonly damaged by either paint splitters or even careless spillage. It is therefore essential to protect the thresholds to avoid refinishing and replacements. You can, therefore, do this by using surface protection tape. Therefore here are some of the advantages of using the protection tapes on the surface.

UV Protection Tapes

This the most critical tapes when it comes to protecting the surface. It is thick with a tape that does not flake even when it is exposed to the sunlight. This protective tape contains chemicals both in the adhesive and the tape which blocks the UV rays and makes the tape resistance both to heat and sunlight. Therefore this feature enables it to be used both in hot as well as a cold environment without worrying about the adhesive transfer. Hence this leads to quick cleaning and removal once the project is complete. Although this tape is expensive unlike other tapes, it is sufficient when you consider the cost of cleaning up and repainting the surface.

Blue Masking Tape

This is another common protection tape used for protecting thresholds. However, the tapes only work for a shorter period and in areas where there is heat or sunlight. When it is exposed to light, it flakes, and chips and it may end up creating extra work than offering protection. The tapes also leave stick adhesive residue on thresholds since the adhesive used in these tapes gets soft when they are exposed to warm temperatures

Moulded Plastic Tapes

This is another option that is used to offer protection to the surface. These tapes are designed to protect common types of surfaces in both residential and commercial construction places. They are durable types of surface protection tapes and can also be used in several projects. Steel manufacturers usually provide plastic surface protection tapes specifically to model the sill they are selling. However, the heavy-duty protectors may not be available for every type of entry surface, and this makes protection difficult.

For the protection of the door tracks, there are different types of surface protection tapes used. The first one is hinged plastic protection which flips over the sliding door tracks to keep them from dirt. The protection gets into the wood to hold it in place, and hence it will not be applicable on sliding doors. Instead, cement slabs can be used in this case.

Another way of protecting the sliding door is cement slabs that offer impact resistance and your board protection. This is a thick and heavyweight compressed paper which is made from recycled material, and it is also reusable. The board is then placed on the tracks while the door is still open. This, therefore, protects the sliding door from grim and dirt. With plastic protects the sill pro is used to keep the sliding tacks clean and protects the door from any damage which may interfere working the operation of the door.