Pros & Cons Of Public Security Cameras

There is considerable debate about whether security systems in community places like malls, schools, libraries, and stores. The edge between privacy and safety is blurry, and both sides can make valid arguments.

Although this may appear that the surveillance system is a breach of privacy. The laws restricting surveillance in public locations are few and far between, or maybe geographically limited. In Singapore, for instance, law enforcers should only use clip security video as part of an ongoing investigation into suspected perpetrators if a permit from local councils is issued. Let’s take a look at the various benefits and drawbacks of public surveillance. 

PROS of using Security Cameras

  1. Increase in Public safety

Surveillance in public areas helps improve the safety of the public in the very same way that monitoring our privately owned property strengthens the security system. While you’re out and about, public surveillance can prove to be beneficial. Public security systems can both detect wrongdoing and serve as a deterrent. For instance, if we notice potentially malicious people in a neighbourhood, security forces may be able to take full advantage of the situation and probably move unarmed civilians out of serious trouble.

  1. Reduce Crime Rates

The number of crimes seems to have dropped as soon as the public places install surveillance systems as per statistics. For instance, crime stats in Humboldt Garden fell by 20 per cent ever since surveillance cameras were being used.

  1. Helps Catch Criminals 

The chances of catching felons are so much higher when acts are committed in areas where surveillance video is prevalent. Using high technology such as image recognition, security systems may be quick to spot criminals, assisting investigators in chasing them down. 

  1. Provide Evidence & Gather Clues 

Video evidence can be used as court evidence. But on the other hand, video footage may be used to assert people’s innocence. In any case, videos of public places can fix offences and perhaps offer strong evidence for criminal instances.

  1. Convenience

Red-light cameras provide convenience. Video surveillance fitted at intersections helps avert car owners from exceeding the speed limit through stop signs, while security systems installed on roads and expressways can help manage traffic parameters in real-time.

Cons of Public Safety Security System

  1. Easily Abused

Unfortunately, the said beneficial software is easily exploited. Voyeurism and harassment are two other examples. To tackle these issues, rigid video surveillance guidelines must be implemented.

  1. Doubts About Effectiveness 

Furthermore, many critics questioned the efficiency of existing surveillance. Whereas figures suggest that crime and mishap rates have lowered, security systems are ineffective when it comes to stopping heinous acts like terrorist acts.

  1. Expensive

One other problem is the cost of public security cameras. Several people believe that public surveillance equipment is quite a waste of resources because they are ineffective. People contend that their minimal success does not support the high maintenance and operating expenses of such devices.

Before attempting to make the important choice to set up surveillance camera devices, it is best to be properly educated concerning them. This will allow you to make informed choices and then choose a security system that fits your requirements and demands. After you’ve evaluated the benefits and drawbacks of installing this masterpiece, you’ll be happier with your decision.