Tooth Extraction


After the eruption of baby teeth, the new set put down is considered as permanent teeth. But because of excessive tooth decay, damage, tooth infection, etc., one may require a tooth extraction in adulthood. It is an out of danger procedure performed by the oral practitioner. A high skilled dentist in Westmead performs the process of tooth extraction. 


Healthy teeth make a well-conditioned mouth. Damaged teeth can hamper your smile and confidence. Thus, tooth extraction is a must.  Teeth damaged by trauma or decay requires repair. Many other reasons need teeth pulling like-

  1. CROWDED MOUTH- An improperly aligned teeth also requires teeth pulling. If your teeth are too big or small, then the dentist may need teeth pulling for orthodontia. Also, an erupted tooth needs a pulling for giving room to other teeth.
  2. INFECTION- Sometimes, tooth decay or damage spun out to pulp. Resulting in bacteria from the mouth reaching the pulp. Root canal corrects this situation. And antibiotics cure the infection. If RCT is not able to cure the infection then pulling out is the only solution.
  3. RISK OF INFECTION- While performing Chemotherapy or organ transplant, the immune system of the body is compromised. And in this situation, a small risk of infection in teeth or teeth needs urgent care via extraction.


An oral surgeon performs the process of tooth extraction. The method used by dentists in Westmead for tooth extraction depends on the condition of the tooth. After thoroughly reviewing the medical and dental history along with appropriate x-ray, the medical practitioner performs the task.  The process of tooth extraction can be performed in two ways.

  • SURGICAL EXTRACTION- A local and intravenous anaesthesia is used to calm and relax the patients. This method is used when the tooth is not easily accessible. General anaesthesia may also be used to unconscious the patients during the procedure. The dentist cuts down the gum with a small incision to perform the procedure. Surgical extraction requires a well-versed dentist. And the tooth extraction in Westmead is performed by a capable and competent dentist.                                                                                                                                     
  • SIMPLE EXTRACTION- A local anaesthetic numbs the area around the tooth that makes the patients feel no pain during the procedure. The instruments like an elevator and forceps are used in this procedure. It is a simple extraction method. A professional and qualified oral practitioner performs the process of tooth extraction in Westmead.


There can be some pain or discomfort after the anaesthesia wears off. Some swelling or bleeding is normal. But if the pain persists for more than three to four hour then it needs urgent medical care The patient must contact the doctor immediately if he experiences any of the following situations –

  • Fever or chills
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Redness or excessive swelling
  • Cough or chest pain


Undergoing tooth extraction is not a very risky surgery. It is an uncomplicated procedure which is safe and harmless. Tooth extraction keeps your smile healthy and beautiful. A well-skilled and efficient dental surgeon in Westmead performs the task to preserve your teeth from tooth decay and infection.