Sliding fire doors Sydney

Sliding fire doors can be installed either in a doorway or in a translucent partition. Such doors are necessary for both residential and administrative buildings. A fireproof door is a complex structure that requires the installation of a complex electronics system. The price for refractory structures is slightly higher than for ordinary fireproof doors.

Professionals must trust the manufacture and installation of fireproof doors. Thanks to the fireproof door, it is possible to prevent the spread of flame, its localization, and the creation of obstacles to heat flow and smoke. Such doors will help to preserve valuable property, minimize losses. You can purchase high-quality sliding fire doors in Sydney at a reasonable price.

Sliding fire doors are installed as an entrance to public and commercial buildings (shopping centre, store, office centre, exit to the parking lot) instead of the standard swing entrance group. It is possible, but it should be borne in mind that such a design cannot be used on evacuation routes – duplicate swing wings or alternative evacuation routes must be nearby.

The installation of automatic sliding doors takes place either in the opening or in the stained-glass window (translucent partition). In the latter case, the design consists of two or more lateral non-opening elements and two movable compartment sections. Installation of duplicate swing wings instead of non-opening parts is possible. In standard operation, they will be inactive but can be used in case of evacuation.

Design :

Sliding fire doors with a steel frame are filled with non-combustible polymer. Fire doors glazed with special fire-resistant glass. In case of violation of the integrity, sharp fragments do not form, since it is fixed on a polymer film.

Steel profile and web filled with fireproof heat-insulating material are used to make fireproof doors.

An additional feature of such doors :

The ability to lock the sliding mechanism so that the flaps swing open under pressure. In emergencies, this will help to avoid panic.

Safety guarantee and modern design :

There is an indication of the time during which the door can restrain fire, smoke, excess pressure, and carbon monoxide on the labeling of each model in alphanumeric equivalent. A number means the number of minutes that a structure can maintain its integrity and perform fire protection functions. The optimal value must be selected based on the conditions of the door installation. Each sliding fire door has an excellent appearance. Optionally, you can change the color and texture of profiles, glass, and accessories according to the general concept of the building.

Benefits sliding fire doors:

Fire resistance :

Sliding fire doors can maintain the integrity and thermal insulation for 15 to 90 minutes, depending on the quality of the materials used. Advantages of using fireproof sliding doors:

  • The ability to provide quick evacuation and prevent panic
  • Fire localization
  • Increased indoor safety
  • Indistinguishable from ordinary doors.

In the manufacture of sliding fire doors, webs are used that are impregnated with special flame retardants (they increase the fire resistance of the structure) and are coated with special enamels. Tempered glass can also be used, which is characterized by increased resistance to stress.