Waterproofing products

After summer, we will all face the challenges of the rainy season. With the ‘microwave’ season coming close, you must remain prepared to face the continuous downpour by properly waterproofing your home.  

The rainy season will give rise to days of the stale backyard and chipped walls. Your exterior house paint will meet its partner during the moderate to heavy rainfall days. So how to make sure that you can save your house from all this stress? 

The best way is to have a waterproof home by using proper waterproofing products. Here are three expert tips on how to have proper waterproofing. 

  • Proper maintenance

You should add daily house maintenance with your waterproofing project. Your home will inevitably face drastic weather changes and the ravages of time. That will cause typical damage. Before you start waterproofing, you need to check your house for having holes and cracks that could lead to unnecessary leaks. 

Common house damages like sinkholes and hairline cracks come from periodical degradation and material subsidence. So it’s crucial to have an annual maintenance checking. Once you maintain your home on a routine basis, it will keep long-term damages at bay. That will, in turn, ensure that your home looks brand new. It’s better to be safe than sorry. 

  • Patching up is power

Try to patch up your house damage as soon as you spot them. That will save you time, money, and effort. Waterproofing products are the primary key to survive the rainy season. Moreover, such products are readily available in the market. All you need to do is use the right product while addressing the problem. 

Concretobond is a product from Island Paints created with increased stability, and you can use it for adhesion for surfaces. You can also use it as a mortar and plastering aid and also as an excellent tile adhesive. You can also use another product named Hydrobond Waterproofing Underlay Membrane, which is a multi-purpose two-packed concrete waterproofing. You can mix it with a powder aggregate containing Portland cement to prepare an impermeable coating layer for your house. It also offers high tensile strength, low shrinkage, flexibility, and water tightness. Both the products are handy for the rainy season. 

  • Stack up

Preparing just for the rainy season is not enough. You need to keep stock of different helpful products like safeguard epoxy and electricity-saving LED bulbs that help your house to withstand different weather conditions throughout the year. By stocking up necessary items, you will have to spend less time worrying about possible home problems in the future. You can opt for a consultation with an interior designer or architect if you want to have a long-term solution. 

Bottom line

You might be a DIY expert, but it is wrong to use any sealant without getting an expert consultation. The majority of these quick fixes are temporary, and they might lead to expensive repairs to your home in the future. Moreover, we recommend using specific waterproofing products for different parts of the home. The most important thing is identifying the leakage and fixing it immediately, no matter whatever you do.