fireplace surround

Fireplaces can be dominant fixtures of a home that immediately draw your attention towards them once you enter a room. Irrespective of their size, if they are big or small, they command the attention given that they are equipped with quality fireplace surround adept at highlighting these appropriately. Once can make them appear alluring and visually pleasing to seamlessly complement the rest of the room’s decor. 

In such a scenario, there are several materials that one can choose to surround your fireplace with; however, the stone is the best for curating a timeless appeal while maintaining a contemporary edge. The installation of a stone fireplace in your home is sure to add a vibrant ambience and elevate the initial design that reigned your living space. One of the most critical determinations you’ll need to make while designing a fireplace is choosing the suitable material for its surroundings. 

A stone fireplace surround is a well sought after option among homeowners due to its considerable merits. These include: 

1. Inviting appeal: 

A warm cosy fireplace, the ones that are worthy of a fairytale, are all stone. A stone fireplace projects a warm atmosphere and makes one feel at home. Further, using natural stones to construct one’s fireplace presents it with a distinct look. Moreover, natural stones also help retain the heat that your fireplace produces. As a result, one can comfortably stay in the living areas where the fire was robust sometime ago, even after it subsided.

2. Opportunity to customise: 

A natural stone fireplace can bring with it a chance to customise your work based on the design you wish to curate. Given the variety in this domain concerning patterns and colours to choose from, that is no limitation to the look you can create around your fireplace. By employing the services of professional stone fireplace installers, you can achieve the results you want while ensuring quality artistry.

3. Durability: 

Stone intrinsically is an exceptionally sturdy and durable material; therefore, with the installation of a stone fireplace, you can ensure that it will last a lifetime. Given that a proper installation is guaranteed, it would only require limited upkeep and review for many years to come. 

4. Design consistency: 

Stone fireplaces can serve as continuity in design. Suppose your kitchen backsplash, countertops, or any surfacing is already made of stone; the fireplace can get along in line to ensure synchronisation and continuity in the home’s interior design. As a result, a consistent look is created for your home’s interior and exterior design if you choose as such. Furthermore, other portions of your home can be remodelled or replaced with stone as the core building material.

5. Increasing home value: 

Notably, the use of stone in the surrounding of one’s fireplace can increase the interest of potential buyers in the property to benefit your home’s resale value. Plenty of homebuyers appreciates the unique and elegant appearance that a stone fireplace grants to the space they adorn. Lastly, due to their timeless appeal and allure, one can be assured of their potential to draw in admirers for many years to come.

The factors mentioned here allude to the merits associated with the use of stone for your fireplace surround and why they are the right choice for your home to grant it a pleasing appeal and as a long term decision.