Power racks

A power rack is a type of weight training equipment, that is also referred to as a power cage, squat rack or even squat cage. The characteristically designed rack is essentially constructed with metal bars that are square and act as the base of its framework. The top of this structure sometimes also includes chin-up bars. These are one of the most frequently used and popular pieces of equipment, both for a home gym or even a commercial space. These are considered to be significantly nifty and useful inventions in the weightlifting domain. Power racks pave way for plenty of exercises, but most prominently, it moves across three main compound movements, i.e., bench press, squats, and deadlifts.

Power racks are specifically beneficial for lifters who are looking to work out with the help of barbells, a bench, and plates. This also comprises other exercises like the overhead press, barbell lunge, bent-over rows, and Romanian deadlift.

Listed below are a few reasons why investing in a power rack is a good decision, these include: 

  1. Safety: 

Training with the help of a power rack guarantees the required support and safety that is required in any weight-related workout. These prove to be an essential part of the starter kit for performing heavy compound lifts, akin to the meat and potatoes of any rudimentary fitness program. As a result, making them ideal for training alone at home, with or without a partner.

  1. Versatile: 

Power racks are entirely enclosed thus assuring the user, and allowing them to attach bands and other equipment like gym rings to them. Such additions make the rack increasingly versatile and adaptable for any trainer irrespective of their training level or composite fitness goals. In a similar reasoning, most power racks also have the propensity to be upgraded to comprise pull downs or bolt-ons that enable one to work out by isolating specific muscle groups. 

  1. All-inclusive: 

These can have multipurpose functionalities depending on the additions and subtractions that you induce upon the rack. For example, if you grab a bar, along with a few plates and a bench this paves the way for innumerable exercise routines that you can carry out in and around the said power rack. This attests to both simple body workout routines and one using other requirements. As a result, this rack is capable of becoming your one-stop fitness destination to accomplish all your health goals.

  1. Longevity: 

A standard power rack does not come with any moving parts meaning, which ensures that if you have brought a piece of good equipment, it should suffice for you and your workout plan for a long time with almost zero maintenance requirements. Power cages are also capable of handling a substantial amount of weight and they are not prone to easy wear making them a suitable investment that will serve you well in the long run. 

  1. Range: 

When it comes to choosing the bests one to meet your specific need you’ll find the options are endless. There are a great number of power racks obtainable on the market, such that you are bound to find one that meets all your workout requirements along with the budgetary requirements as well. there is one to suit your needs and budget. Irrespective of whether you’re an expert or novice lifter there’s a power cage out there to meet your needs. A power rack is an operative exercise machine that is ideal in its simplicity.  But most importantly for an exercise enthusiast, it is just versatile enough to help accomplish workout goals safely and most satisfactorily.