We understand how difficult it has always been for parents to see their children suffer the immense pain associated with a few dental treatment solutions. Injections, drilling and even root canal in some cases! “Pain” has been traditionally synonymous with dental treatment (for kids and adults alike). However, modern dental treatment is painless. This is one of the major reasons why parents today are hardly worried about taking their kids to the dentist. If you are unaware of this phenomenon today (painless dental treatment for kids) then make sure you’re speaking to credentialed dentists from south Jacksonville pediatric dental office. We, in fact, will list down a number of reasons why dental treatment has emerged pain-free today. Read on in order to be duly guided.

Dental Treatment has gone almost needle-free today!

Ask your kid why he would like to stay away not only from the dentist but from any clinic whatsoever! And, he will tell you that it’s because of the needles! A pediatric dental office in south Jacksonville can now treat you without needles as well. All the dentist will do is apply some spray or paste to numb the area which needs to be treated. In short, today, they don’t need injections to deliver solutions that are designed to numb areas before the start of the treatment. The traditional syringes are now replaced by digitally controlled dispensers.  

Painless Surgery

In one of those rare cases, if your kid has to undergo a dental surgery then be sure that it will be painless as well. Earlier a dental surgery was so much about pain, blood loss, and swelling. The best pediatric dentistry in Jacksonville Beach ensures that surgery is actually no more about all these. Today, surgery can be conducted in a completely pain-free fashion with almost no bleeding. There is no need for stitches and no room for swelling as well. Your child can go back to playing or having fun almost immediately after the surgery.

Not a “Drill” Anymore!

The very sound of drilling is capable of creating havoc in patients’ minds! Add to that the vibrations, pressure and the heat! The very feel of it is actually unbearable! Modern dentistry – however – has witnessed the drill being replaced by a beam of light, capable of cleaning up decay. So you can actually take your kid for the most urgent and the preventive treatments without worrying about him being shaken by the very noise of drills.

It is not really correct to rule out the need for root canal treatment among kids. Though there are many who believe that kids do not need root canal treatment – do let us tell you that there are certain instances when they do need it.

  • Spontaneous or stimulus related pain
  • Gum tenderness
  • When they develop a pimple like a sack of pus in their mouth
  • Dark tooth colour
  • Asymmetry
  • Others   

Gone are the days when root canal treatment was largely about pain. The introduction of automated technologies means the whole treatment is carried out in a painless and precise fashion.