Whether you stay in a villa, bungalow, condominium, or maybe a makeshift dwelling arrangement, one aspect is for sure; you’ll take a bathroom renovation in Menai on your housing premises. At Menai, we firmly accept as true with that each bathroom renovation is unique and that the liberty you experience on this precise area of your home is actually really well worth cherishing. 

Every bathroom includes the fundamental services inclusive of a toilet, shower, tap, and wash basin. Apart from those bath wares that serve the number one motive of bathrooms, there are a few add-ons that are essential, need to you want to present your bathroom a mile wished upgrade.

Mirror, Mirror at the wall

One of the maximum not unusual place matters that we people do with inside the lavatory is taken a look at ourselves out with inside the replicate. You, sure you’re studying this, ask yourself how usually in an afternoon you’ve got and examine the replicate and look at your appearance. 

Let’s ‘Soap’ for the best

A right cleaning soap dispenser is an absolute need to with inside the lavatory, in particular, because the pandemic has been appearing like an uninvited visitor refusing to leave! Get yourself a properly constructed cleaning soap dispenser for the lavatory, that doesn’t simply fulfil its reason, however additionally makes a stable contribution to the general aesthetics of the lavatory. 

Let them hang

Here’s a short and clean lavatory riddle for you – What continues you dry, however receives moist on every occasion you operate it? *drum roll*… A Towel. Whether you guessed it proper or not, a towel is an absolute critical in our each day lives for the only reason of maintaining us dry.

Always on your nook

Isn’t it disturbing while you’re with inside the bathe, and you need to stumble right here and there with cleaning soap on your eyes, and you continue to can’t appear to discover wherein you saved the loofah or the hair conditioner? Well, right here’s a perfect clean option to that – a proper suit and nicely designed nook shelf. 

Rolled up in style

While maximum Indians select the usage of a fitness tap for sanitation and hygiene after the usage of the WC, a few additionally select the usage of bathroom paper. Many human beings additionally use the fitness tap first, accompanied through the restroom paper for wiping the whole thing clean.


You have many rooms for your domestic, however one which need to be at the pinnacle of your listing of maximum vital rooms is the lavatory. Your lavatory performs a vital practical position for your house. Unfortunately, they frequently generally tend to get left out and overlooked.

It’s now the twentieth century, and each new domestic is now geared up with at the least one lavatory. In fact, toilets are so cool, many homes are opting to have greater than one. The producers of lavatory products: fixtures, tile, lighting, accessories, plumbing fixtures, are beginning to get innovative in giving the client greater range to pick out from for an appropriate lavatory.