Timber flooring is known to be the most popular among people in Blacktown which is not surprising considering all its great features. Hence it has huge demand in the market. Timber flooring will give a finished, warm, and elegant appeal to your room. 

There is a wide range of choices You can find absolutely everything from white to black, from beige to brown. Timber flooring available in Blacktown is made of different materials. 

  1. Regal oak – this wood is not like other timber, because of its wide range in colours. It varies from grey to dark brown. Mostly it has matte look, which gives colours a smoked touch.
  2. Project oak – It offers an authentic visual appeal. This warm-coloured, classic piece of wood adds value to your house. 
  3. Sienna oak – This wood is water-resistant, so it can be used in places like the basement and outdoors. As for its colour, it has warm grey-brown colour with lighter edges. Can be easily cleaned.
  4. Charred oak – timber flooring of this wood will look best in a more modern and urban environment, as it has dark, almost black colour. Some charred oak floorings are made especially for interior flooring.
  5. Jarrah – this flooring is made of the Eucalyptus tree. it’s moulded from Timberwood for its best appearance. It has a brown-reddish colour, which always feels warm and fitting. It is slip-resistant. If you are looking for flooring around a pool, this is the best choice.

Flooring is quite a common renovating plan these days. flooring gives a different and fresh appeal to the existing room. Timber-flooring in Blacktown is a very common choice nowadays. As a customer or someone who wants to start a business or even as someone who simply takes an interest in the subject, it is expected that you should know some basic facts about timber flooring available in Blacktown.

We are still learning new facts about timber and with the addition of ever-developing technology, the world of timber is getting more and more complex.

Timber wood flooring is the process of creating or recreating a floor using timber. 

  • Its specialty is that it is an environmentally friendly option to have. Used planks, reclaimed planks and recycled planks can be used to great effect. Its reusability won’t deteriorate its performance to a large extent.
  • This kind of flooring can be of such versatility, that it is used in a myriad of places. It is the most reliable type of flooring. 
  • There are several ways of using timber for flooring viz.,
  1. Hardwood flooring or ‘tongue and groove’ flooring – It is installed directly onto the existing floor whether it be wood, concrete, or anything else..
  2. Parquetry – this mainly uses two patterns, mosaic, and block. The latter is used more for flooring.it is a decorative way of flooring.
  3. Strip Flooring – In this type of timber flooring, narrow timber planks are used in usually a ‘tongue and groove’ fashion. The arrangement of the planks is mostly done parallelly to the sides of the room.

Engineered Flooring – This is the new alternative to solid wood. Its advantage is that it is much less expensive than solid Timberwood. You can choose a very costly-looking timber for the exposed layer while opting for the less attractive ones for the layers underneath. It will save you a fortune. But do not compromise on strength and durability in any case, even if it saves you money.