Giving a new funky look to your kitchen is one of the best gifts a house owner can ever have. You can choose from arrays of designs available in both online and offline stores. You can get the style of your choice be it contemporary or funky. 

There are many Kitchen renovations in Northern Beaches where you can take your motivation to renovate your space. Kitchen renovation gives the heart of your home a new trendy look to show off. If you love being sleek and royal you can choose contemporary ideas. If you love rainbows you can opt for modern designs. They will add multiple colourful tools and cabinets. 

Consider the following suggestions for your kitchen space-

Wooden floors– they give an antique but royal accent to your kitchen. Wooden beams can be installed if you are also having an idea of making wooden shelves. This will match the design. They make it visually very appealing. This can be a great kitchen renovation idea when it comes to simple yet elegant flooring.

Playful floorings– if you are a fan of any board games then you have your wish fulfilled. It is because you can even design your floors as the board of checkers or any other board game. They will make you remember the days of kings and queens. 

Colour pop cabinets– they will be adding a funky look to your kitchen space. You will fall in love with the latest bright colours nowadays available. Bold shades are more in demand as they attract eyes. Complementary shading to the borders of shelves is also impeccable.

Minimalist and accents– if you want to spend less on colours but still present your best; you can opt for sleek stainless designs. The stainless steel designs will give you soothing visuals. 

Straw plaited stools- this is one of the best retro looks you can never miss out on. They are one of the top trends for kitchen renovation in northern beaches. So what’s stopping you from selecting a chic colour for your kitchen? 

Cottage accents– if you are looking to renovate your farmhouse or give your home kitchen the looks of a farmhouse, you can go for this. They cannot be regarded as old but they add clutter to sleek designs. 

Colourful cookery– after you are done with the internal décor of your kitchen, you also need to focus on the cookery items you need to buy. They should match the design of your kitchen.  You can choose from copper cookware that never goes out in demand.  They are made to be styled on the open shelves. 

Jazzy fixtures– if you have in your mind a big budget then why leave those fixtures?  They can also be given funky and bold designs. 

Expressive ceilings– even if you don’t want to invest more in colours, a coloured ceiling can be an eye-attractant to your guests. They will cover those smoky patches in the room. 


A fully furnished and beautifully designed kitchen is the dream of all housewives. You cannot miss out on the latest trends and ideas by the big giant kitchen renovation experts in northern bleaches. They will help you while planning and deciding the style that can last for years.