Nowadays, you get to purchase staircase and landing balustrades with or without the staircase. There are various styles to choose from, and learning about the stair balustrades in Eastern Suburbs NSW beforehand will serve the purpose well. However, there are certain regulations you need to follow which will dictate the type of balustrade needed for your staircase. Some of them are fairly obvious. But, there are a couple of elements you have to consider while selecting the balustrade for use.

1) Height Matters Quite A Bit:

The balustrade height will be somewhere between 900mm and 1000mm, starting from the pitch line. It might vary but will remain within this set rate for stair balustrades in Eastern Suburbs NSW.

For 100mm:

  • On any staircase part, there should not be any gap through which a 100 mm sphere can pass. The thought is that 100mm is likely the size of a baby’s head.
  • This restriction will help in eliminating any potential hazard in the staircase. 
  • This rule will often hold true for the balustrades as such gaps between spindles cannot cross more than 99mm.

For 600mm:

  • In case you are around 600mm or higher from the ground, then you must have stair balustrades in Eastern Suburbs NSW by your side.
  • As one general rule, the experts will aim for anything, which is higher than two rises. For example, you are not going to use a balustrade on the bullnose or curtail. 
  • But, if there is anything above this mark, then you might have to select the balustrade.

2) Focusing On The Width As Your Next Stage:

In case you do have a staircase with a width, which is greater than 1000mm, then you might have to opt for the stair balustrades in Eastern Suburbs NSW with handrails on both sides. If there is anything less than the average mark mentioned, then one side railing is more than enough to consider.

 Now the railing selection process depends a lot on your safety and the kind of members you have in your family. If you have hyperactive little kids, then you might need handrails on both sides, even for a width, which is less than 1000mm.

3) Selecting One To Match Your Style:

Now, it is important for you to select a staircase balustrade, which will match your style the most. There are various combinations of materials and styles available whenever you are planning to design stair balustrades in Eastern Suburbs NSW online for the first time. Checking out the available options beforehand and then mixing and matching will provide the best result.

  • The square spindle is one option, which has recently gained popularity because of its simple nature and nothing fancy.
  • Then you have the stop-chamfered spindle, where the edges are chamfer, and you will get one stop-chamfered spindle to it.

These are a few of the many styles and options you will get your hands on. So, make sure to catch up with the best firms, which have been working on stair balustrades for a long time. They know the right steps to address over here