manufactured stone benchtops

If you are in the market and are confused about which benchtop to buy for your kitchen use- you are not alone! With various options that are available to us from natural stone benchtops like granite and marble to manufactured stone benchtops like Silestone and Smartstone. The manufactured stone benchtop is also referred to as engineered stone benchtop.

Though the natural stone benchtops look more appealing it also can cause a huge dent in your account, this is where manufactured stone benchtops come to your saving. They provide you with good aesthetic value and are cheaper than a natural stone.

How are Engineered stones manufactured?

They are developed by using crushed quartz or granite and bonded using polymer resins (as an adhesive) and pigments (to give colour). These manufactured stone benchtops are highly durable and resistant to minor scratches, dents and are acid-resistant with most having a smooth textured finish. Since quarts play a major role in their making and as they are available in abundance, their cost of manufacturing is comparatively lower than natural stone.

Some of the popular Manufactured stone Products are as follows-

  • Talostone
  • Silestone
  • Caesarstone
  • Smartstone
  • Quantum Quartz

If natural stone benchtop is the one you fell in love with but could not afford them then manufactured stone benchtop is your solution. Listed below are the advantages of having a manufactured stone benchtop for your next kitchen renovation!

  1. Benchtops that last forever- Durability is the biggest strength of a manufactured stone. Their strength can be compared to the natural stones like granite or marble and they won’t crack easily like a ceramic. They are resistant to heat, scratches and cuts all helpful when setting up your kitchen benchtop. Though it would be advised not to cut your fruits or vegetables directly on them instead, use a chopping board.
  2. Easier to clean and maintain- The natural stone usually is porous in nature and might attract bacteria and dirt on your benchtop. As compared to a natural stone, the manufactured stones are non-porous therefore not allowing any bacteria or dirt to settle and they can be easily cleaned using a wet cloth, sponge or wipes keeping your food more secure.
  3. Make your Kitchen look more elegant- Manufactured stones provide us with a wide colour pallet as we can change the pigment levels as per our need. From hues of red, grey, brown, cream, white and black shades to name a few. Though the hues might not match those of a natural stone, it comes close enough but be sure of finding the exact colour as per your need and fitting for your kitchen or washroom.
  4. Having Multiple choices to choose from- Unlike natural stone where mostly marble and granite rule, the market for engineered stone is quite huge. This makes the products to be priced at competitive rates so that one does not miss out on customers. Caesarstone, Silestone, Stellastone are the few leading manufacturers. 
  5. Having a variety of applications- Manufactured stones though mainly used for Kitchen benchtop and washroom vanity tops, they can be additionally used for flooring, wall tiling and nearby fireplaces to name a few.

To Conclude-

With the above-mentioned points, I hope to have cleared your views on buying a manufactured stone benchtop. Everyone likes classy but not all may have the budget. So, why not get the best of both- classy and a budget product by getting a manufactured stone benchtop for your needs!