Known as the country shaped like a boat, Italy, is located in the south-central region of Europe and protrudes into the Mediterranean Sea. Italy is an amalgamation of different moments of history. The birthplace of Renaissance, this city combines architectures of various kinds. The Italian monuments date back to the time of the Roman Empire. Some known, some niche, this country boasts of the best monuments in the world:

Colosseum, Rome

Standing in Rome is the largest amphitheatre ever built during the rule of the Romans. Dating back to the 80 BCE, today it is the oldest building of its kind. Named Colosseum, this structure is a mark of Rome’s grand history. The design of this Italian monument is borrowed from the Greek style. In its initial days, the structure saw many gladiator wars. In 1971, Colosseum was used for hosting a concert by the rock band Pink Floyd.

The Pantheon, Rome

Built as a temple for the pagan gods, by the emperor Hadrian, this monument is also located in Rome. It is known for its proportions and harmony. The dome of this structure is still the largest unsupported dome, and it allows just a single beam of sunlight to pass through it. This structure is the burial place of several Italian poets as well as kings.

The Leaning Tower of Pisa

This is one of the most famous Italian monuments. The construction of this monument began in the 1100s. The plan was to make a square tower, but this structure’s ability to defy gravity is a source a curiosity for many till today. This campanile works as the bell tower in the cathedral complex of Pisa. You need to climb a total of 294 steps to reach the top of the tower which currently stands 17 feet off the ground.

Pompeii, Campania

A volcano named Mount Vesuvius destroyed what was once a great Italian city. The ruins of the city, along with the volcano are known as Pompeii. These ruins are well preserved, and Mount Vesuvius continues to be active even today. The remains consist of ruins of what were once houses, baths, and temples. The ability of Pompeii to stand the adversities of time has made it a UNESCO world heritage site.

Florence Cathedral

The Cathedral of Santa Maria of Florence, or as the locals call it, The Duomo, was built in the 14th century. Filippo Brunelleschi is the architect who is responsible for this world-famous cathedral and its Renaissance-style dome. This cathedral is 82 meters high and touches the skyline of Florence. The top of this monument can be reached by climbing a total of 400 steps.

The Vatican

Contemporarily known as the home of the Pope, The Vatican is situated in the middle of Vatican City. It boasts of Saint Peter’s Basilica, which is a favourite tourist spot of this location. The basilica is famous for its magnificence. It also consists of the infamous ceiling, which was painted by the renowned Michelangelo.