turf laying castle hill

A well-maintained compound is not only attractive but also increases home values. At times, you may feel like having natural grass grow in your compound, but some areas in Castle hill are a bit messy. In such a situation, turf laying seems to be the best alternative. Before you think of laying turf in your compound, below are some fascinating things you need to know about Turf Laying in Castle Hill.

Benefits of turf laying in Castle Hills:

  • Natural fire barrier: It has been discovered that a home with a well-maintained lawn surrounding a home can be ideal during a fire outbreak. Firefighters always choose combustible surfaces (driveways, paths, and roads) and well-maintained grounds from the base for defending property and life during a fire.
  • Improve water and air: the natural grasses normally absorb carbon dioxide and greenhouse from the atmosphere. As a result, it eliminates the CO2 which we breathe. Furthermore, the grass in our lawns plays the role of filter, thereby trapping pollutants before they get to the rivers, lakes, or groundwater. Moreover, the natural ground cover manages rainwater and storm, thus balancing the ecosystem. 
  • Protect and nourish the soil: natural grass has a fibrous root that enriches the soil with nutrients. As the grass absorbs the carbon in the air and deposits it on the soil, thereby enhances soil texture, water & air holding capacity.  

Turf laying tips & common mistakes:

The fact that you can lay turn on your lawn yourself doesn’t mean you’ll be 100% perfect. You can save much when you install the turf yourself, but it’s good to identify the common mistakes that can prevent ideal installation. 

  • Overlapping turf: when you put overlapping slabs of turf on your lawn, it will look uneven, thus not appealing. Therefore, you should perfectly place them and leave a reasonable space between them. Try to focus on how you lay the slaps of turf to make them look amazing.
  • Inefficient Debris clean-up: Turf laying requires efficient preparation of the space in which the slabs of turf will lay. First, you should take your time to remove all solid particles such as fallen tree branches, stones, and any other item that may distort your work. when you remove the debris complete from the lawn, it will allow you to install the turf effectively on the lawn
  • Mowing Immediately: turf laying requires some patience, so if you are in a hurry to mow your lawn immediately after turf laying, then you may not succeed. It may take some time before the grassroots penetrate the topsoil. As a result, you should wait 2-3 weeks before you can mow the lawn.
  • Forgetting to fertilize: the secret to having an amazing lawn is to perfectly fertilize the topsoil before laying turf in Castle Hill. Well, fertilizing the topsoil allows the grassroots to develop faster and maintain a good root system.
  • Buy turf when you are ready: Many people often miss when they buy turf early. When turf lay around for long, the chance of them developing a good root system is low. Only ask the turf to be delivered on the day of installation.