The main reason for designing a transformer is to make the voltage input compatible with different types of working appliances and high voltage equipment ranges. The main function of the transformers is to step up or step down the voltage as needed. In this article, you will get information about the step-up transformer and its use in different industrial applications.

What are the step-up transformers?

The step-up transformer is a high voltage autotransformer that has a high secondary voltage compared to the primary voltage. These transformers mainly step up the applied voltage. This is why this transformer is often used in the electronic and electrical devices where voltage boosting is important. But at the present time, the power electronic circuits are used more frequently in modern electronic devices due to the dimension and weight. But the step-up transformers are used for stepping up the generated power to the higher voltage level for the purposes of effective transmission.

Uses of transformers are highly important in both transmission and distribution of the power system. In the power generating plants, the transformers help to transmit the power at a high voltage. At the power plant, Step-up transformers are mainly used in the power plants to convert the several thousand volts that are produced by the alternators to the several thousand volts produced by the high voltage networks. With this high voltage auto transformer, it is possible to reduce the cost of transmission.  And this is helpful in getting electric power in a cost-effective manner.

Other uses of step-up transformers:

Beyond the extensive use in the field of power distribution, step-up transformers are critical to different types of electronics, whether homemade or consumer. Step-up transformers use electromagnetic induction for converting the voltage between two circuits. Step-up transformers along with the step-down transformers are used in power distribution from the supply stations to the end users. This ensures that the proper voltage goes into the circuit on different types of personal devices. One can try using high voltage tester along with the transformers.

The step-up transformers are widely used in the microwave ovens. Here the input is the mains voltage (120/240V) and the output is almost 5000V. Here the transformer supplies magnetron after rectifying it to DC.