renovated bathroom

If you love to spend some quality time in the shower, then remodeling your bathroom will be your dream. Homeowners who regard the bathroom as space where the person can relax and have some personal time would definitely love to spend considerable money on upgrading the area. However, spending the money will be useless if you don’t know what changes will be beneficial. You have to add things which will not only look good but also improve the functionality of your home. The space is small, which makes the job easy and tough at the same time. It is easy to complete the remodeling of a small area. But it is difficult to plan how to make the most of the space. 

Built-in structures

If you have a small bathroom, then you have to make all types of changes, which will help to make it look more spacious. You don’t want to add clutter instead of eliminating the unnecessary space wastage. The built-in structures are fantastic for such changes. A recessed soap case on the rim of the bathtub will help you to discard the soap holder jutting out from the wall. A recessed toilet paper roll holder will also help to pry out some extra space.

Picking the right flooring

The selection of the right flooring material is an essential aspect of the bathroom renovation in SydneyAlthough the floor of solid wood will infuse a great look to space, it won’t be a feasible idea if you are looking for flooring that will last for years. From the practical viewpoint, the daily use of the place needs some better material that can withstand the degradation from continuous exposure to water. You can go for the porcelain tiles of the ceramic tiles, which are the best for such use. The luxury vinyl plank will modify the look of the floor too. The sheet vinyl flooring is also a good alternative.

Adjustment of color

A tiny bathroom will also look spacious if you can use the right color combination. Make sure that you stick to the light colors. You can even keep the walls white too. Dark colors make the room look even smaller. You will feel claustrophobic if the dark color is dominating the walls. The white colored fixtures will be ideal, especially for the bathtub and the toilet. But refrain from using white shades or light color shades in the ceiling. It will shrink down the look of the bathroom. 

Protecting the walls

The lower portions of the wall come in contact with water, especially if you have a shower cubicle. The beadboard is the best option to protect the wall. The look will be antique, and the process of installation is also easy. Water splashes from the bathtub are inevitable, especially when you have got kids, and the space is small. So to protect the lower section of the wall, a coating of the oil paints on the beadboard will make it impervious to moisture. Tile wainscot is an alternative if the beadboard does not look good.