roof waterproofing

Many materials are available as seals for waterproofing of flat roofs. In the past years, liquid applied membranes were economical and environmentally friendly. The covering of the existing groups using liquid applied solutions can bring significant environmental impact for not having to add thousands of tons of scraps materials every year to the landfills. In this article, we will be seeing some important aspects that are important to consider when choosing the appropriate waterproofing solutions for roofing and also the steps for roof waterproofing

Two to three decades ago a large proportion of rows wires covered with using a bituminous membrane. Replacing the complete old roof waterproofing system can be very expensive. This is where liquid applied systems have emerged as a saviour. There is a very high demand for roof waterproofing In Australia, especially in the suburbs of Sydney.

roof waterproofingSteps to waterproof Roof

Generally, the application of liquid-applied roof membrane in roof waterproofing of the waterproofing companies Sydney will contain five main steps. Every step should be treated with importance. The five steps are cleaning, priming, treatment of details, main coating application and inspection.


The very first step in waterproofing a roof is cleaning this substrate. Any successful liquid applied membrane application will require superior adhesion. And because of this proper cleaning cannot be ignored by the waterproofing companies Sydney. The correct application of the liquid material entirely depends upon clearing. Generally, pressure washing is the most common method that is used for cleaning the substrate surface. This process will help in eliminating Bond breakers.


After cleaning, comes the priming of the surface which is done to improve the adhesion of the membrane. It will also help in blocking the bleeding of bituminous oils from the existing route through the liquid membrane. Before the application of prime the waterproofing companies Sydney will ensure the surface to be dry. To reduce the time of the roof waterproofing the contract is will generally use air blower for the process to make a dry quickly

Treatment of details

The third step after winning is the treatment of details. The waterproofing companies Sydney will carefully read all the details and only after this step is completed they will resume giving field application of the liquid membrane. Every small detail of the interior and exterior corner must be covered with metal flashing so that the difficultly is less to treat the reinforcing fabric. 

It is embedded into the liquid membrane with a flashing grade sealant. The important points on the roof can be very easily overlooked so it is very important to know that it demands special consideration. Most importantly the curing time that is required by the materials especially in the details treatment must be followed with discipline.

Application of the liquid membrane

There are two kinds of applications of the liquid membrane. Some of the roof waterproofing will require the impregnation of reinforcing mat at the time of installation and some do not. If the fabric is not mandatory, most of the waterproofing companies Sydney will require the coating application to be performed in two or three successive layers. The function of each coating product is stated in the manufacturer’s technical specifications, so do not ignore to read them. The method of application of the substrate porosity, the temperature, and the waste are the external factors that may influence the specified consumption rate.