Concrete has turned out to be a construction material that is not only widely accepted but also reliable and efficient in handling pressure areas and load. Hence, for the contractors, using concrete stands as the best option. Slabs, irrespective of the type of construction infrastructure projects, form the backbone. So, making it durable is important. The durability of the concrete slab can be enhanced with the addition of the proper sealant.

How the Addition of Sealant makes Concrete Slab Durable?

Many of you might wonder that concrete in Penrith is one of the toughest and strongest construction materials, will not need any pre-construction treatment. But it is not right. To understand the importance of treating it with sealant, one needs to understand the physical property of it. Concrete, though looks solid, is porous as such water seeps through it making the base of the concrete slab rust (since it contains iron and iron rust in water quickly). Therefore, to prevent the rusting and elongate the lifespan of the concrete slab, proper treatment with sealant stands essential.

According to the contractors dealing with the works related to concrete in Penrith, the lifespan of most infrastructural projects is diminished only because the concrete is not treated properly.

Sealant Stands Effective only when these are as follows:

  • In order to ensure that the sealant work efficiently and effectively, the professional contractors need to take care of the following steps-
  • Proper removal of the old sealant (if any) from the old slab (as a part of treatment)
  • Cleaning the slabs to remove the existing stain, dust, and other surface pollutants that can impact the property
  • For the old concrete, the contractors need to ensure that the surface of the slab made of concrete is etched thoroughly and properly
  • For the newly cast slab, the sealant needs to be applied onto the surface immediately

The above-mentioned steps would ensure the durability of the slab made of concrete in Penrith. The professionals need to take care of the steps.

Choice of the Right Sealant Also Necessary:

There are so many kinds of sealants available in the market from different manufacturers. The choice of the sealant to be applied on the slab depends on various factors.

The following are some of the types that the contractors mostly go for:

  • Acrylic Sealant – This type of sealant is mostly used for residential purposes. Thus, if you are willing to seal any of the existing slabs of your house made of concrete in Penrith, then this can be a good choice. But the drawback with this sealant is that these do not provide protection against grease or any type of oil stains.
  • Epoxy Sealant – If you want to seal the concrete slab of your garage floor, then epoxy sealant can be a good option because it is better than the acrylic one and stands effective in greasy and oily conditions.
  • Polyurethane Sealant – Most of the major construction projects that have slabs made of concrete in Penrith are safeguarded with this particular kind of sealant because this gives protection against UV rays and prevents the surface from turning yellow with time.


According to the contractors, the real essence of concrete stands complete only when the surface is properly treated with sealers or sealant. Hence, the right sealant needs to be used during construction to increase the life of the concrete slab.