Competition is fierce in the restaurant business and in the presence of so many food joints and restaurants, local restaurants strive to prosper. If you own a restaurant and you want to attract more customers, here are a few foolproof methods:

Using Digital Signage:

It might sound clichéd, but looks do matter. Using a boring signboard for your restaurant is not likely to attract many customers. Go for an attractive signboard from the available digital signs in Mascot which will make your place look happening and welcoming. Digital signs in Mascot not only include a digital signboard, but also digital menu cards where the customers will be able to see the menu you provide, along with the several offers going on at the moment. Also, plugin your social media handles through digital signage so as to popularize your eatery even further.

Upload attractive food photos:

Today’s world is a digitalized one with it being virtually run by social media. You need to up your restaurant’s marketing game by uploading mouth-watering pictures of the delicacies served by your restaurant. In social media, especially on Instagram, delicious food images (popularly known as food porn) are immensely popular and go a long way in attracting and inviting customers from around the place. 

Make official accounts of your restaurant on different social media platforms and upload pictures of the food served. You can also invite popular food bloggers who have a large number of followers, to share their experience of eating or dining at your place. It will serve as an effective advertisement through social media and reach a lot of potential customers.

Partner up with loyalty programs:

To move forward the marketing process, you can partner with online apps which will encourage users to visit your restaurant’s online presence. Users will be encouraged to check out your restaurant with the help of loyalty programs and gamification (such as scoring points, etc). Visitors, through loyalty programs, will be offer freebies or discounts on visiting a particular number of times or get app-specific discounts as well.

Use the full potential of Yelp:

Having a detailed description of your restaurant and a lot of positive reviews on Yelp is very important for any local restaurant. It is immensely important in growing the popularity of your business and for attracting more customers. The first step is to create an account on Yelp and make sure that you add as many details as possible. 

Add a large number of photos, not only of a few of the dishes but of the actual site of your restaurant from flattering angles. Also, make sure you have a good many pictures of the storefront of your restaurant so that customers can easily identify your restaurant. Mention the store hours, the exact location of your restaurant, availability of wifi, outdoor seating, parking, etc. Add the menu and price range as well as any other details you can think of. 

An important aspect of having a Yelp account is to know how to deal with feedback well, whether positive or negative. If you get a positive review or feedback, remember to thank the reviewer for taking the time to share their experience. In case of negative feedback, politely and professionally address the reviewer and if possible contact him/her privately for further information about any negative incident. In this way make the full use of a Yelp account to grow your local restaurant.