granite suppliers Sydney

Looking for a perfect granite for your kitchen countertop and confused with where to start? Well, if that’s the case, you are in the right place. Not everyone is an expert at granite selection, but we can make you one. You must already know that the correct pick begins with a reliable granite supplier. We will give you a brief on finding the right granite suppliers in Sydney, but before that, let us give you enough knowledge for selecting the perfect granite. 

4 Tips To Help You Make The Right Granite Selection

1. Match or contrast

When you try to pair the colour of granite with the most dominant colour in your kitchen, you have to keep in mind a few considerations. Generally, the dominating colour is of the cabinets, so you have to do something with it. The first option is to match the cabinetry colour with that of granite. Another thing you can do is make a contrast by choosing a marbling of colour that matches that of the cabinets. 

2. Analyse the space

Your kitchen space will be a deciding factor if you are stuck between picking a light or dark granite. The trick is simple and is suggested by every genuine granite supplier in Sydney. You should go for the light countertops if you have a small-sized kitchen that doesn’t have enough access to natural light so as to make the area look larger and brighter. The black granite will work for the other case. 

3. Pick the right pattern

Like colour, your granite supplier will provide you with different options for patterns too. Basically, there are three patterns available in the market, namely solid, marbled and speckled. For a small kitchen and a very little variation in pattern, choose solid granite. If you want an intermediate level transition, then marbled granite is for you. The last one, i.e., the speckled pattern will accentuate everything present in your large kitchen room with its beautiful variations.

4. Prefer the trend sometimes

It is not always wrong to go with the popular combinations unless you want to experiment with your kitchen space. Even if you are not willing to pick the exact pair, its knowledge might assist you in getting started. So, check out some trends in granites that we think are perfect:

  • A dark brown coloured cabinet with green-hued granite
  • Oak cabinets in a contrast with any deep coloured granite countertops
  • Mahogany cabinets with neutral granite
  • Bright white cabinets with Blue Pearl granite
  • Darker or white cabinetry with White Ice granite

The Most Important Step – Choosing The Right Granite Supplier

Even if you are aware of the above steps for selecting the right granite, the first step will always be finding the right granite supplier in Sydney. You can not even trust yourself when you are dealing with the wrong one. So, understand some simple ways to check if you are going with a trustworthy granite supplier. 

Start with exploring the website of the granite providers in your list. Go through their service guides, testimonials, simple FAQs, etc. The next thing you have to do is search for ratings and reviews of old customers over review websites, forums, or social media. Visit the showroom of the granite supplier in Sydney that you find the best after checking the previously mentioned things. Get an estimation for the price of the product in addition to the subsequent process, i.e., countertop installation.

With all the above useful tips in mind, you will surely not make a mistake while choosing both the granite provider and the granite.