timber console table

Furniture remains an integral part of any house. No matter how much investment a person has done on the interior walls, floors, and other areas, negligence on the furniture aspect is something that is always going to make your investment flawed. One of the most popular furniture pieces that find its value and place in almost every residential construction- from a normal house to palatial buildings- Timber Console Table. It is of great value- from the utility and aesthetic point of view. Several furniture stores offer the best deal on these tables besides bringing in a wide range of design options.

For the house owners or the buyers, it is a challenge to decorate it well for a stunning ambience. In addition to this, it is very much important to take care of where the placement of these tables should be for a better interior. In this blog, we would look after the different segments and aspects that can be followed in the case of placing and decorating a timber console table. Have a look!!

  • Choice of the table

The choice of the table in terms of design plays an important role. It needs to be in accordance with the area available and the place where the table is being planned to be kept. According to the professionals from the reputed stores, it is not recommended to put bulky looking, large console tables in space-crunched areas. Doing this would not only restrict the free movement of the people but also make space look clumsier.

Therefore, in such cases, choosing a table that is small in size and capable of meeting your requirements should be preferred. In case of non-availability of such a small-sized timber console, going for the customised size would be the best option.

  • Console table should be bright enough

Since your timber console table is going to be the focal point in the space it will be kept, therefore, it is recommended to take every initiative that would help in making it the focal point of attraction. In such a situation, experts recommend portraying it as one of the most valuable furniture pieces. It can be done by adding some warm lights, placing an adjustable focal lamp, and many more. One thing that needs to be kept in mind is too much of everything is bad. So, optimum lighting in the region should be emphasized.

  • Attractive background completes the design goal

There can be numerous design ideas that can pop out in the mind but choosing the best stands important. One of the most common and the best ways to make the timber console table more engaging is by creating a beautiful and attractive background. It can be either with the help of a beautiful mirror or some sort of interesting cut-outs and designs. Attractive backdrops add the much-required missing flavour to space.


Design and decoration ideas are many. Making the choice for the one that best fits into the surrounding is a challenge and should be done after assessment of various parameters.