granite kitchen benchtops

Granite is being used for several years to produce kitchen and bathroom benchtops, and it is the most popular material. The best part about this natural stone is that it is non-porous when compared to other materials. That makes it less prone to soaking oils, stains, and spills. However, it is still crucial to properly care for granite kitchen benchtops to ensure its long life. 

So, what are the proper steps to care for your granite benchtop? Here are a few simple yet crucial steps that you need to follow to maintain your granite countertop. 

Let us concentrate. 

General tips for cleaning granite counters

When you buy the best granite kitchen countertop, you can remain assured about the product’s premium quality. However, you still need to be cautious about taking care of your counters to prolong their beauty and life. Below are some tips. 

  • Remove dust first – dust tends to settle on your counters very quickly. If you are using your granite kitchen benchtops regularly to make food, make sure you clean the surface. Using a microfiber cloth is ideal if you are cleaning a moderately dusty kitchen countertop. You need to dampen the cloth while cleaning a thicker layer of dust. It is good to use a white cloth that will allow you to check whether any dust is left on the counters. 
  • Prevent stains – it is true that granite does not stain easily. However, if you neglect to clean spills like red wine, spaghetti, or coffee, you can see irremovable stains in the long run. So, you should avoid letting spills or some sticky residue sit on your kitchen benchtop for long. Make sure to keep a handy towel nearby the benchtop to clean the surface quickly.
  • Buffing and drying – the majority of the users tend to forget that it is equally essential to buff and dry the granite benchtop surface after you clean it. A dry microfiber cloth is ideal for this purpose. Make sure to dry the surface with a clean, dry cloth after cleaning it with the soggy, wet one. That will help you to polish and buff up the countertop more effectively. 
  • Keep scratches at bay – granite is scratch resistant. However, that does not mean you will use sharp tools like screwdrivers, bone saw, and kitchen knives against the surface. That will scratch the granite surface easily. We recommend using a chopping board whenever you need to use any sharp tools on your granite kitchen benchtops.  

Deep cleaning your granite benchtop

Cleaning a granite kitchen countertop daily is quite simple. You can prepare a mixture of non-acidic dish soap and warm water. Damp a washcloth in the mixture and clean the surface. Any excess liquid should be dried immediately using a dry towel. Moreover, it is also crucial to disinfectant your granite countertop. 

Cleaning granite kitchen benchtops is easy once you know which products work well and which ones to avoid. Start practicing all the tips mentioned above and keep your kitchen benchtop at the pink of its health.