solarv lodge : dog boarding in richmond,nsw

Being a good pet parent takes a lot. And due to the busy schedule or due to other reasons, sometimes we have no choice but to choose a Dog boarding for our cute little furry. Boarding our favorite little doggy can be anxious for not only us but also for the animal. But the only way to be sure that our dog is taken care of well in the boarding is to keep them in the best dog boarding in Richmond NSW

But before you keep your pet away from you, you need to know how to choose the best dog boarding so that your pet is comfortable and less anxious. 

Look at the following checklist to ensure that you have chosen the best dog boarding in Richmond NSW for your pet.

Pet’s preference:

Look at the preference of your pet. All pets are different, and their preferences are different. What works for one dog may not work for the other dog. Thus before looking out for a dog boarding place, keep in mind the preferences and personality of your dog in mind. For example, if your dog is aggressive, a kennel system may work. But if your dog is calm and friendly, even a home boarding can work.

Pairing up with other pets:

If your dog is going to share the space with some other dogs or cats, it is better to ask and understand what kind of services the dog boarding is going to provide and what kind of pets will stay with your pet. Some dog boarding keep dogs of the same age together while some pair up the dogs of the same breed. While there are pros and cons of all these methods of pairing up, it is better to choose the one which is best for your pet.

Food arrangement:

It is always essential to check about the type and timing of the food they are going to provide your dogs. All dogs have different eating timing and taste. And if they don’t get the food on time, they can become violent as well as weak. Thus before choosing any dog boarding talk to them about the quantity as well as the time of the food. This will be convenient for you, the dog as well as the management at the dog boarding. 

Cleanliness and vaccination:

Since different kinds of dogs stay together at a dog boarding, it is essential to check about the cleanliness as well as hygiene at the dog boarding in Richmond NSW. If cleanliness is not maintained, your dog might fall sick and can even die. Also, try to explain the vaccination your dog needs. Pets can get different diseases from the other pets, so vaccination is a must for them. Thus ensure that your dog is vaccinated for Rabies, Distemper, and Parvovirus. 

Everything looks great from outside. So before keeping your dog in the dog boarding, it’s important to know all about them and the services they offer. To avoid later disappointments and discomfort to your pet, it’s better to choose the best dog breeding, which can keep your pet safe and happy.