Partner Visa Agent Sydney

1) What is a Partner Visa?

A Partner Visa is for married couples or partners in a de facto relationship. It allows the spouse or partner of an Australian citizen or eligible New Zealand Citizen to reside permanently or temporarily reside in Australia.

2) What are the types of Partner Visa?

There are two types of Partner visa:

  • Temporary Partner Visa

This allows the spouse or partner of the existing Australian Citizen or a New Zealand citizen to live in Australia temporarily. The citizen should be a permanent resident of Australia. Note this only a temporary visa, based on this visa you can further proceed to apply for the temporary visa. However, it is imperative to be present in Australia when you apply for the same.

  • Permanent Partner Visa

This visa allows you to permanently stay in Australia. It is necessary to have a temporary partner visa to apply for the permanent partner visa.

3) What are the Eligibility criteria for Partner Visa?

To be eligible for Australian Partner Visa you should be married to or have a lawful relationship with an Australian Citizen. Same-sex partners, independent partners are also eligible for the partner visa as per the latest Australian laws. The partner should sponsor you for a minimum of two years under a partner visa. Post the completion of two years you can apply for the permanent partner visa.

4) How long does it take to get the Partner Visa?

Depending upon your documentation and legal approval usually it takes around 29 months for processing a Temporary partner visa and around 24 months for processing a permanent visa application. However, this is just speculation and the duration for approval is subject to change based on the up-gradation in Australian regulations.

5) What are all documents required for a Partner Visa?

Legal proof of the marriage or a de facto relationship is mandatory to apply for a partner visa. Apart from this one need to also submit all the important documents such as a copy of passport, identify proofs as well meet all the health and character requirements of the Australian Department.

6) What are the benefits of Partner Visa?

With a Partner Visa, you can live, study or work throughout Australia. Even if you have a temporary visa you can work in Australia till your permanent visa application is processed. You can freely travel to and from Australia without any limitations. You can also include a dependent child or children at the time of your application.

 7) How can you apply for an Australian Partner visa?

Following are the steps that can help you to apply for the partner Visa:

  • Research and know about the requisites to apply for the partner visa. You can also try and find the registered partner visa agent to apply for the same. There are many partner visa migrant agents in Sydney that can help you apply for the partner visa. They assist you throughout the process and make sure you get the desired visa in the least possible time.
  • Gather all your documents, which are necessary for the application. Some of the important documents that are required are identity documents, income proof, Your relationship certificate, character documents, Translations of non-English documents, 2 or 3 latest photographs.
  • You can also decide whether to apply for the temporary and permanent partner visa simultaneously or just apply for the temporary partner visa only. A combined fee for both visas can be paid online at the time of applying online for the same.
  • Apply for your application online: This can be done with the help of a partner visa agent. A partner visa agent will make sure all your documents are up to the mark and meet the Australian Guidelines. If any of the documents are missing or the information given in them is incorrect. The agent will guide you further. A partner visa agent assures everything is seamless so that your application is processed smoothly and you get the desired visa.
  • If your application is approved, you will get the visa grant number and also details about the visa start date as well as visa conditions. Besides, if your visa is disapproved the authorities will let you know in written the reason for the same and if you can review their decision. You can also consult your partner visa migrant agent in Sydney to reapply for the visa.

8) Is it beneficial to hire a Partner Visa Migrant agent in Sydney?

  • Saves time

Hiring a partner visa migrant agent in Sydney can be very beneficial. They assist you throughout the process and explain the entire visa application procedures in detail before commencing the application process.

  • Guides you throughout

The partner visa agent will thoroughly assess all your documents and will check if the documents suffice the needs of the Australian immigration department If there are any missing or incorrect documents they will guide you accordingly. They make sure all your documents are well prepared.

  • Hassle-free application process

The partner visa Agent makes sure your application is flawless. This facilitates smooth and faster processing of your visa application. The partner visa agent makes sure your application is processed at the earliest.

  • Expertise

Since the partner, visa agents have been in this industry for several years and have all the necessary expertise. They are well aware of the standard procedure for the same and what all queries can arise while processing the application. They keep you prepared and make sure to fill all the loopholes in your application well in advance so that you get the desired results without much hassle.

  • Keeps you updated

The partner visa migrant agent in Sydney will keep you updated with the status of your application and how much time it will take to process the same. However, it is imperious to find a reliable and professional partner visa migrant agent in Sydney for the visa procedure.