Parents are concerned about their children especially when they are on their cell phone screen.

Parents are concerned about their children especially when they are on their cell phone screen. Traditional parenting has never lost its essence but today parents have to perform digital parenting these days to know at what places they used to hang out on the cyber world. Over the years kids have got their mobile devices and today more than 75% of children own cellphones connected to the internet. So, kids are used to creating social media profiles and also perform browsing activities on the mobile device browser.

 So, there are more chances they could have encounters with the online predators secretly, and if they got trapped parents remain unaware. So, parents, these days are not willing to take chances against inappropriate children’s activities.

 The stalkers, online bullies, and sex offenders are on the rise, and they’re always trying to target young teens and teens especially on social media lacking online privacy. So, children are themselves are inviting online predators. The sexual hookups, online dating, and get bullied or stalked are very common these days.

Therefore, parents want to track kids without knowing them using the TOS app. It is the best tool for parents to make sure their online safety to the fullest. Let’s get to know how to use it, but first, we are going to discuss its powerful tools, later on, we will discuss how to use cell phone tracker app and its powerful tools. 

Phone tracker app powerful tools to monitor kids without them knowing 

Live screen recording

Use the web portal of cell phone surveillance app and then get access to the target device without knowing them and further perform live screen recording on android. You can use a screen recorder app and it will start recording the screen in terms of short back to back to videos of the screen. Furthermore, you can deliver the recording to the dashboard. Now visit and see with your own eyes what kids are up to.

Text messages tracking

You can read text messages sent or received with text messaging monitoring software. Furthermore, you can get to know about SMS, MMS and many more.

GPS location tracking

You can use the online dashboard where you can make a tap on the GPS location tracker and it will start its working on the target device. It certainly attempts successfully to provide you live GPS location of the target device virtually on the Google MAP. Furthermore, you can get to know about the location history, daily location history, and weekly location history. Moreover, you can use Geo-Fence to mark safe and restricted areas for the kid’s on the MAP. You will get email notifications when children enter or leave the fence in real-time.

IM’s social media

You can remotely get access to the target device and let you know about the logs of all the instant messaging apps running on the target device. Users can get logs of text messages, chat conversation, audio-video calls, and voice messages.

Hidden Call recorder software

You can record live inbound and outbound mobile calls and further you can save it on the web with a live call recording app.

Remote surveillance

Users can get access to the target device using the web control panel and remotely get to know about the installed applications on the target device of children without knowing them. Furthermore, you can block incoming calls of strangers, block text messages, and last but not the least internet access to stop inappropriate browsing activities or anything else.

How to install TOS mobile tracker app

You can use TheOneSpy on any contemporary cell phone device, but you need to get your hands on it first. So, use the web browser of your phone and connect it with the cyberspace and visit the official webpage. Now get the online subscription and further visit the cell phone tracking software and get the credentials. Now get the physical access and install it on the target device to complete the setup. Use the credentials and activate the web control panel. Furthermore, visit the above-mentioned tools to monitor kids without knowing them.


Parents can use TheOneSpy cell phone tracker app to track their kids without them knowing to make sure their online safety.