Parker hydraulic pumps have been used in numerous Australian industries, commercial and private sectors for several years. The thing about hydraulic pumps is they have several advantages over regular pumps out there in the market. You can choose between three different hydraulic pumps in Australia: Rotary vane-type pumps, Screw-type pumps, and Gear pumps. These pumps are commonly found in automation, marine, and airforce sectors.

Hydraulic pumps use the kinetic energy from water to convert into mechanical energy, thus forming hydrostatic energy used for operation. There is also a hydrodynamic pump that you can choose from. Additionally, you can start hydraulic pumps using petro, diesel, gas or even electricity for that matter to offer the momentum it requires. You might have seen several Parker hydraulic pumps used across numerous farms across Australia to lift water from underground straight to the field.

Several modern pumps, such as solar pumps and electric pumps, are making a dent in the hydraulic pump market in Australia. But hydraulic pumps can offer you a more accessible and longer flow of liquids over a significant distance with a minimal energy requirement and lower maintenance cost. This is why they are still leaving their mark behind as technological advancements are being made daily. Besides, Parker hydraulic pumps are safer and have an efficient operation.  Some of the best benefits it offers clients is as follows-

  • Energy Efficiency: When it comes to energy efficiency, no other pump offers the reliability and efficient operation that the Parker hydraulic pumps provide for the amount of work and distance a liquid can travel. Having an efficiency rate of almost 80%, they are way better than their pneumatic counterparts.  
  • Efficient Runway Control: When compared to a pneumatic pump, hydraulic pumps will never run dry. As observed in most cases, a pump dry occurs in the pneumatic pump causing internal damage to the parts and ultimately leading to the breakdown of the pump and requiring costly maintenance to repair or replace the parts. Hydraulic pumps in Australia have better speed and flow control, allowing them never to reach the dry pump condition. Additionally, if any dry pump condition changes, there is a seal and package damage protection available to avoid costly damage to the parts and avoid expensive repairs.
  • Maintenance costs stay minimal: As from the above example itself, you might have noticed how using Parker hydraulic pumps can make your maintenance much lower. Additionally, these pumps are self-lubricating and have no issues faced by air compressed machines like moisture, dust or rust built-up.  Due to its continuous pumping operation, they dont meet the icing problem faced by air compressors due to the rapid cooling of compressed air.

Parker hydraulic pumps have been used by the Australian government in several cases, including dealing with natural calamities like floods to safely and efficiently remove excess water from a given area. Also, several companies have used them for commercial purposes for drain cleaning. In developing nations, you can also see hydraulic pumps used for providing water from underground facilities for a clean source of water to remote areas.

Parker hydraulic pumps have been a revelation for various industries across Australia. Over several years, they have been trusted to get the job completed with the best energy efficiency, lower maintenance, and easy and safer operation. Check your nearest suppliers for Parker hydraulic pumps in Australia to help you get your task completed without any hassle.