Hong Kong is known throughout the world as a buzzing city and a great choice for shopping in luxury. But this city-state has much more to offer than mouthwatering cuisine and an impressive skyline. There is something new and unprecedented around each corner, whether it’s an old temple, a shop selling the newest electronic device, or a man taking his bird in a cage. There is also another side to Hong Kong, where you will see mountains covered with forests, trekking trails, magnificent beaches, islands and fishing towns. For us, Hong Kong is the city of contradictions. It has a superb blend of old and new, traditional and modern. We bring you some of the places in Hong Kong which represents culture as well as the scenic beauty of the island. This will surely help you if you are planning hong kong tours from Delhi anytime soon.

Victoria Peak

Until you haven’t seen the skyline from Victoria Peak, more commonly known as “The Peak,” you haven’t seen the best in Hong Kong. Get into The Tram to see the skyscrapers, busy town, port and the surrounding Islands at the top of this picturesque viewpoint. The tram station is situated by the Murray building near the entrance to Hong Kong Park. There are many travel agencies which offer Hong Kong tour package from Delhi at best available price

Tian Tan Buddha Statue

The “Big Buddha,” as popularly known to locals is a statue which is 34 meters high, sits above the Po Lin Monastery on Lantau Island, a fairly isolated island until the statue was built in 1993. The view is amazing, both close-up and from afar. The location is also incredible, with a view of the ocean and islands and a view of the green forest. Although you can take a bus, the best way to reach Buddha is through the picturesque cable car which will take you over forests, water and mountains. Travel agencies such as Hong Kong tour package from Delhi will offer you best itinerary for Hong Kong visits.

Wong Tai Sin Temple

The Temple of Wong Tai Sin is one of the latest and the most interesting temples in Hong Kong. The original temple, built in 1920, was located in Kowloon. It was subsequently replaced in 1968 by a new building, which is what visitors now see. Tour guides from Hong Kong tour package from Delhi offer such temple visits.  The temple was built in honour of the taoic god Wong Tai Sin, who is regarded by the locals as a giver of good luck and a healer.

Star Ferry

Hong Kong’s famous Star Ferry with its origins in 1880 is only one of the highest dealers in Hong Kong with a few Hong Kong dollars. Victoria Harbor is a hive of activity, and the Star Ferries experts will somehow avoid collisions on ships of all forms, dimensions and dimensions. Chug, zipper or wallow past.

These are a few places which make Hong Kong CIty unique than others. These places attract thousand of tourist to hong kong tours from Delhi other places in the world. If you are visiting island city soon make sure that you visit these places.