Even though it is a bit hard, still you can clean your residential carpet with time and a little bit of patience. However, when it comes to commercial carpet, things may not work out in your favour. Trying to clean a commercial carpet on your own is rather impossible. Most people don’t even have the commercial carpet cleaner equipment handy, which will help to suck out all the dirt and dust from the carpet fibres. But, asking experts to help you with the cleaning option is a clear winner.

These carpet cleaning companies rely heavily on some big and powerful machineries and cleaning agents while working on commercial carpets. They are even using various carpet cleaning methods, which are specifically associated with commercial carpets. So, without wasting any time, let’s get to learn more about those cleaners first.

The encapsulation method as followed:

The commercial carpeting clean-up will be using the foam encapsulation method. It will use synthetic detergents as a prominent base, which will furthermore crystallize into powder form, whenever it dries up. Then you have the loosened dirt particles, within the carpet fibre, which will later get encapsulated with the powder whenever the cleaning foam dries up. Later, the experts will start brushing off or vacuuming the foam after it dries up.

  • The foam based encapsulation cleaning technique has actually overtaken carpet shampooing technology as one former uses less water during cleaning. It results in shorter drying time when compared to basic carpet shampooing.
  • This cleaning method has already received good feedback from those who mostly plan to use eco-friendly items as there remains less chemical residue left once the cleaning process has been taken care of. You can’t say that with carpet shampooing.

Even though this form of encapsulation method has some proper cleaning results, this method may not be able to thoroughly clean out heavy soiled up carpets. It is because of technology’s limitation. For that, you need to get hold of some other options. 

Working out on the bonnet cleaning:

This is yet another form of carpet cleaning option for which you will need commercial carpet cleaner equipment and more. This method offers that good surface cleaning result, which will involve cleaning up the top portion of carpet fibres with the help of motorised heavy duty machines. There will be a spinning pad, which will be thoroughly immersed with a cleaning solution. It helps to absorb the dirt from the surface area of the carpet.

  • Bonneting is pretty popular in hotels as they offer that quick fix solution for cleaning the carpets of heavy traffic areas. 
  • It helps to suck out dirt right from the beneath of the top fibre materials, just to enhance the look of the carpet and keep it clean for a pretty long time.

You can go through all the possible options and get yourself the much needed cleaning supplies from reputed stores. Once those are done, start with the cleaning process yourself or wait for some experts to take the task on their shoulders.